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The Navajos, Apaches, Pueblo Indians,
Yuman and Mohaves of New Mexico and
the present Arizona have not had any
grammar or dictionaries made of their
[several?] languages. Only 200 word vocabularies
are known of them, which are of little public
or philological utility. Should therefore
suggest the following points to accomplish
this object, at little expense, through the
agents and interpreters of the Indian Bureau
among the different tribes of the territories

1. That the Bureau have provided in blank
in quarter form, 1000 to 1500 words in English
with two or three pages of grammatical forms
and the interpreters and agents of the different
superintendencies be supplied with three or
four copies for each language - the best
interpreter in each to be employed - the forms
may be of 20 to 50 pages.

2. These officers to be instructed to make
them work or clean as possible, writing the
Indian words very clearly - one copy of [illegible] to be
kept in the Supts. off. as in New Mexico & Arizona
and another copy sent to the Indian Bureau -
The authors name, office and length evidence
in the tribe, date etc. to be added & full name of

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