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Sacramento City Oct 19 TT-
Hon. John Connors
Washington City
D.C. [illegible]
One annoyed writer often [illegible]
[Branding you ] but I hope when they
have been wronged as much as
I leave you [illegible] never times as
this is the [separation] youve been
I sold in April 1860 and delivered
[illegible] late in July 1862 of this [illegible]
and fifty two herd of cattle at
least fifteen dollars each one [illegible] in
Sept 1862 of one [illegible] and twenty
[illegible] head at fifteen dollars each
of [Rosewood] valley Reservation [Point]
those two [illegible] of cattle on the
Rosewood valley Reservation and thirty
first head came [illegible]
to[ the ]The Indians at [illegible]
Indian reservation [illegible]
[illegible] [Contracted]to [illegible] fifteen
dollars each [illegible] [the Cattle Stations]
delivered at [Rosewood] valley [Thursday]

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