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to look, for 10 or 20 minutes, to the evidences of
their convictions, which is in the office then, and
there can be no longer delay

I dislike very much to burden you with
these conplaints of mine. But a man in my
situation must not be too scrupulous, for
I need the money, and I need it badly.

I can neither sell the vouchers, nor borrow any
money on them, simply because the Ind Dept, in
this state has been so slow in paying the just
demands against it.

I hope you will see to the matter, and not let
your modesty hinder you from so urging the
matter before Mr. Dole, or the proper authority, that
I will soon get my dues, as also Mr. Beall's
claim, in which I have an interest.

I have the honor to remain most
Respectuflly Your Obedient Servant,
Wm. H. McGrew

Hon C. Cole M. C.

Lincoln & Johnson, and the [Union ticket?] are very
safe here, by from 18000 to 20000 majority. You
will however know the result before this reaches
you. I am advantaged to make a Union speech
in this city Friday night the 4th ult.

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