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California [H?]1022
Geo. M. Hanson
Yuba City, Cal.
Nov 14, '64
Enc. letter from Dr W P Melendy and other papers rel to a suit brought against him, for recovering a squaw, seduced from The Indian Reservation, by Henry J Abbott.

Answered to Mr. Hanson
See letter [aua?] to Supt
Wiley [Oct? ] 29/64.

[ink stamp]
Dec 14 1864
Mr Smith [Finance]

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I think the man who has taken the young girl is this person, from California, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1850-1953, Case Files, No 248-263, 1876-1878, Mendocino County Probate Case Files, 1854-1917; Author: California. Superior Court (Mendocino County): Henry J Abbott, died 1876, had a wife, Louisa A Abbott (In census of 1910 she's a widow, parents born in England, maiden name Louisa Moscroh -- so she is presumably not the Native American young woman he'd taken from the reservation); She and his 4 siblings are parties in the Will.


The plaintiff in the suit is apparently William Plummer Melendy (not Nielendy -- as I'd erroneously transcribed), in the California, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1850-1953; Wife Mary Marritta Melendy; Residence Place Covelo, Mendocino county, CA; Will Date 16 Aug 1880. Census: Wm P Melendy, Residence 18 Jun 1880 Round Valley, Mendocino, California, USA. Census: Name W. P. Melendy; Residence 30 Jun 1879 Round Valley Indian Reserv'n, California, USA. So maybe he was vindicated eventually, is back at the reservation in 1879.

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That is very interesting! Thank you for sharing your research!