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Whereas, The General Government of the
United States, has entirely abandoned "Nome
Lackee Indian Reservation" situated in the
County of Tehama, in this State, and Whereas
The Indians who were on the same, have mostly
died, and the remainder have scattered thro-
ugh the country, And Whereas, The said Nome
Lackee Indian Reservation is, in its present con-
dition of no use or benefit to the General Gov-
ernment; therefore be it, Resolved by the assem-
bly the Senate concurring, that the land compo-
sing the Said Nome Sackee Indian Reservation
should be as speedily as possible thrown open
to free _______ place back in the
Marysville Land District for the interest of
Agriculture, and that pre-Emption claims be
allowed settlers on the same. Resolved,
That his excellency the Governor be requested to
forward a coyp of these Resolutions to the
President of the United States, Secretary of
the Interior, and to each of our Senators and
Members in Congress.

Adopted February 15th 1864

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