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State of California
Colusa County, [illegible] M A Lacock being duly
sworn deponent and says
that in the month of August last she sold
to Geo M Hanson Superintendant of Indian
Affairs for the Northern District of California
for the United States one horse for the sum
of two hundred & fifty dollars, that at the date
of said sale she expected to said Hanson
duplicate vouchers to the United States for said
sum of two hundred & fifty dollars and received
from him a draft of which the following is a
copy [illegible] Lacocks [illegible] Aug 1863
no 50 [Assistant?] [illegible] of the W. [S?]
San Francisco
Pay to Margrette A Lacock or [illegible]
Two Hundred & Fifty dollars
$250.00 " Geo M Hanson
Supt. Agt
That the date though in [a?] [illegible] was
not [illegible] in [a?] said draft and [the?] [illegible]
date of the vouchers is now forgotten by this
deponent that the draft was not honored
by the [assistant?] [illegible] and she has [never?]
received any compensation for her horse that
she now holds the draft [made?] to be [delivered?] up

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