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Mr Bryson at Smith River, and Mr Whipple, at Mendocino it is my intention to retain if I find matters under their charge as I have reason to expect,

It might be well for me to mention here that there is a large number of Indians between Smith River and Round Valley that I have not included among those that could be Kept upon the Round Valley Reservation or any other Reservation north of San Francisco. I refer to the Klamath, Redwood and Trinity Indians, with whom we are now at war. At present I will no go into details concerning the nature and numbers of these Indians, but will simply say a Reservation must be provided for them South of San Francisco, from whence there is no chance of return. I did hope for this purpose the Government would have favorably received the proposition to place them upon the Santa Catalina Island, but I have been informed by Mr Couness that the Department does not favor the project At present there are about 300 of these Indians prisoners at Humboldt Bay held and fed by the military department. These are a class of indians that cannot be turned loose–neither can they be sent to either one of the Reservations North, which would be just the same as turning them

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