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loose as bitter experience, in times gone by has proven. In view of this I have induced General Wright to order the commanding officer of that District to hold them until such time as your Department, through my earliest efforts and suggestions, shall provide a place and transportation for them South. My residence has been among those indians since I was a mere boy, and I have suffered from their hostilities. My experience enables me to assert positively that no means can be devised which will bring peace to that distracted District except the removal of the Indians to some point South of San Francisco. Our great misfortune has been in the management of Indian Affairs in the north, that our military commanders and Superintendents have labored under the delusion that these indians might be Kept and treated on the Northern Reservations the same as others Acting under this belief in 1858 Mr Henly removed 900 to Mendocino, and in 1860 Mr Hanson moved 1100 to Smith River. I presume it is safe to say that not one of those indians remained where they were placed longer than two months, all returning to their old haunts as was well Known would be the case by the settlers. It cost the Government not less than $200,000 to catch

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