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about two hundred, we feed beef once a day while they are at work, giving them vegetables and corn besides. We can get along with goods we have on hand for clothing until the New York shipment arrives. I found a bad state of feeling existing between Capt Douglas, the Commanding Officer at Fort Wright, and the Officers and Employes on the Reservation. Without going into any details concerning the troubles I simply pass it by saying that I brought about amicable relations between the Military and Indian Departments in the Valley by removing the Supervisor and such of the Employes as had taken part in the ill feeling. I appointed a Young man Saul M. Farrin, temporary Special Agent for the Reserve, gave him strict instructions in writing relative to his duties and invested him with full power through Capt Douglas to have them obeyed. He is a Stranger to me and was one of Mr Steele's Employes. He is a quiet intelligent young man and I feel that I can trust him.

The Settlers there are extremely anxious concerning the intention of the Government relative to the purchase of their improvements. I informed them that I had already recommended the Department to take preliminary

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