Status: Complete

operations as required by your circular of Jan 11th 1862,
and a report of the number of Indians &c as required
by circular of June 21st 1861. As regards the latter,
I regret to state that I am unable to furnish any
replies to the questions in that circular from four to
eleven inclusive as nothing of any consequence has been
done toward the education or religious instruction of
the Indians. Of affairs in general, I
am able to say, that in consideration of all the
circumstances, and of the difficulties that met me upon
assuming charge of the Superintendency, they are
prosperous and progressing satisfactorily.

The condition of Indian affairs in the Counties
of Humboldt, Klamath and Trinity most earnestly
demanded my attention upon entering upon the discharge
of my duties. This section of country had been cursed
for years with a destructive Indian war that had well
nigh ruined its business interests, and promised to
end only in the extermination of the Indians.

A vigorous campaign accompanied by great loss of
life had been waged during the past year, and the
Indians though severly dealt with, were still unsubdued
but through the efforts of the Dist Commander had
ceased hostilities and came in to Hoopa Valley, the
home of most of the warriors, where with their arms
still in their possession, they were waiting some
action on the part of Government toward establishing
a treaty.

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