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It had been the hope of the people of this section, as
well as the military authorities, that these Indians
might be removed to some point South of San
Francisco, as sad experience and a knowledge of their
character convinced all, that they would not remain
on any Reservation unless its natural situation rendered
it utterly impossible for them to return.

In this hope I earnestly shared, and in letters to
the Dept urged in the strongest terms that such a
course be adopted, but permission to carry out this
policy having been denied, it only remained to adopt
the next best course, and I at once proceeded to
Hoopa Valley to treat with the Indians. Of my
action there, resulting in the establishment of a
Reservation in Hoopa Valley and the surrender of their
arms by the Indians, you were fully advised in
my letter of the 29th ult. I am confident that
if my course be approved, and Govt act in good
faith with the Indians that no further trouble
will ensue. In this connection, I would
suggest that when the improvements of the settlers are
apppraised, that their farming implements and
such other articles as may be required on the
Reservation be included, and paid for out of the
same appropriation. I urge this as a matter
of justice to all concerned for they will be needed in
the cultivation of the land, and will be worthless to
their present owners.

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