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Smith River Reservation
is situated in the valley of the same name, in the extreme Northern part of the State and about two miles from the coast. There are at present seven hundred and forty-five Indians at this agency, most of whom have been removed from the bald hills and the vicinity of Eel and Mad Rivers in Humboldt Co. Their general condition is good, though they are suffering somewhat from lack of blankets and proper clothing, which I shall be able to supply upon the arrival of the expected shipment. There are twenty-eight Indian houses made of sawed lumber twelve by sixteen feet in size, which are good comfortable buildings. These are occupied by the Humboldt Indians, while the Bald Hill and Bear River tribes live in rude huts of their own construction. The mortality among the latter is very large and they must be provided with better shelter before winter, and receive in future more care and attention.
The land on which this Reservation is established is at present rented from different individuals at from four to five dollars an acre per annum for the land actually cultivated. The buildings are on the farm of D.E. Buell, which contains some eleven hundred acres, two hundred and twenty of which are cultivated. Upon this farm is quite a fine orchard which will produce this

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