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season about a thousand bushels of apples. The land hired from other parties and cultivated amounts to about two hundred and sixty-one acres. the crops this year are very good yielding all that will be required for the use of the Indians. I am not prepared to offer an opinion as to whether a Reservation should be permanently established at this locality or not as I have been unable to visit the place. I propose however to proceed there at an early day and will then take some action in the matter.

Round Valley Reservation
Of the location of this Reservation and the condition in which I found matters there, I advised you in my letters of June 1st and 30th. There are at present upon it some nine hundred and fifty Indians, who are well cared-for and apparently contented and happy. Their winter houses are built of oak slabs, ten feet in length, merely laid together and forming rude campoodies such as they lived in before they knew the whites. During the summer they prefer huts of brush. They seem to have received no encouragement in building more comfortable houses though they deserve better ones and I intend that they shall have assistance in erecting them as soon as the harvesting is completed. They still grind their wheat by hand, or more properly, crush it between two flat stones; a small

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A "campoody" is "an American Indian village" according to Merriam-Webster.com


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