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grist-mill would add greatly to their comfort. The health of these Indians has greatly imporoved under the care of Dr Waller and they are in all respects doing well. The agency buildings are in a bad state of repair and will require considerable labor to render them tenantable. The crops at this Reservation are very large; - of grain and vegetables, there is plenty and to spare. The fertility of the soil and the salubrity of the climate can not be surpassed, while its singular isolation forbids its ever being desirable to the whites and renders it peculiarly valuable for purposes of an Indian Reservation.

Mendocino Reservation
Having recommended that this Reservation be abandoned, I merely refer you to my letter of 20th June, and to the accompanying sketch for information. The crops here are rather light but from the abundance of fish &c the Indians are not likely to suffer, and if it is found necessary grain can be spared them from the Reservation at Round Valley.

Tule River Indian Farm.
I have as yet been unable to visit the portion of the State known formerly as the Southern District but receive favorable accounts of the condition of affairs from the Agent in charge. All the Indians who depend upon the Dept for subsistence have been removed to the Tule River Indian

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