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Farm where good crops have been harvested and they are well provided for. Of the eight hundred Indians on this farm about three hundred and fifty are of the Owens River tribe, and all seem comfortable and satisfied. Their houses are built of posts put in the ground and covered with split boards and are very comfortble.
This farm consists of twelve hundred and eighty acres of land of which about three hundred are cultivatable and is owned by Mr. T.P. Madden from whom it was rented by former Suptg Agent Wentworth. The crops are excellent this season, much better than on any farm in that section of the country, owing principally to the fact that the crop was sowed very early and to the exertions of the Agent in charge in carefully attending it.
I am confident that there need be no lack of food at this point. The climate of Tule River Valley is generally considered rather unhealthy but the proximity of the agency to the mountains (to which the Indians frequently resort) obviate all that is detrimental in the climate.
I have thus hastily noticed a few of the principal items connected with the interests of the service in my Superintendency. I hope in my next annual report to be able to represent matters in a more favorable light. There is much room for improvement - a wide

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