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Annual Report of Farming Operations in the Cal'a Superintedency 1864
Name of Reservation -- Size of the Reserve -- No of acres cultivated by Government ---No cultivated by Indians -- Bushels of Wheat raised. -- Bushels of Corn -- Bushels of Oats --Bushels of Barley --Bushels of Peas --Bushels of Potatoes -- Bushels of Sweet Potatoes -- Bushels of Carrots -- Bushels of Beets -- Bushels of Turnips -- Bushels of Buck-wheat -- Bushels of Apples -- Bushels of Beans -- Tons of Hay Cut -- No of Horses -- No owned by Indians -- No of mules -- No of Meat Cattle -- No of Swine -- No of Chickens -- Remarks [written in the Remarks Column] But a small portion of the crops are yet harvested and the amount of grain &c in the foregoing report is estimated as the probable yield.
Smith River --481--452--[blank]--1200--[blank]--4000--[blank]--2000--2500--[blank]--500--100-400--50--100--[blank]--50--35--[blank]--1--149--100--82
Round Valley--5000--940--[blank]--10,000--6000?--2000--3000--100--1000--[blank]--3000--2000--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--30---300--30--1--16--524--286--75
Mendocino--25000 --250--30--[blank]--[blank]--6000--900--350--1500--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--14--[blank]--1--47--[blank]--[blank]
Tule River--1280--185--75--3300--400--[blank]--1100?--[blank]--400--900--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]--[blank]40--[blank]29--100--43--[blank]4--[blank]
I hereby certify that the above report is correct

Austin Wiley
Supt of Indian Affairs Cal'a

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