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Mr. M B Lewis accounts, we and other creditors
have requested him to make out a complete set
of abstractss such as were required by the Department
and these abstracts and further explanations
will be sent by this Mails, so we trust there
can be no more trouble about these unfortunate

Mr. Lewis informed us that in a late letter
to him from you, the Department was claiming
a blance against him on account of money
promised by Col Henly but which he never
paid. Mr. Lewis remarked to us how the Department
could allow Henly a credit for $5600 on account
of Fresno Agency for the 3rd Quarter 1856 when
the quarterly account of Sub Agent Lewis
had been on file in the Indian Office in
Washington 12 months previous to Henlys
settlement showing that Henly only had
advanced $2398 44/100 on said $5600. _
Hoping that Mr. Lewis has succeeded in

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