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Office Indian Affairs California
San Francisco November 13, 1865


I have the [illegible] to inform the board of
Indian Affairs that on the 14th and 16th of October [illegible]
thus was received from teh military department at
Round Valley Reservation and [illegible] in charge of
the Agent the following number of Indians who had
been held as prisoners of war atFort [name]
and who as now being [illegible]on [name] reservation,
[illegible] Lackee Indians males. 63
Lackee Indian females 114
Lackee Indian Children 32
[Name] River Indian Males 46
[Name] River Indian females 45
[Name] River Indian Children 15
Eel River Indian males 10
Eel River Indian females 15
Eel River Indian Children 2
Total 342

Hon [Name] I am very respectfully,
Round Indian Affairs your [illegible] servant,
Washington D.C. Charles [Name]
[Illegible] Indian Affairs , California

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