Vive le Geek Weekly.
Vive le Jennifer LaSuprema et Susan LaInferioria.
Congratulations to the Shimmer Twins on the fifth anniversary of
their journalistc masterpiece. For that is what it is dear fellow
travelers, a much-needed chronicler of the times worthy of the
trees that died for our entertainment pleasure.

Where else can one read about the Kiss Offs before they were
"discovered" by the local press? Or how about Kid Rock before he
was an ultra-mega-rich trendsetter? He was just another white
boy rapper with a limited vocabulary when Geek Weekly nailed him in
Austin November 1998

For further proof I turn your attention to Geek Weekly #6 and an
interview with Corcoran the Great that is infinitely more
interesting than anything he's written, except of course when he's
skewering Austin wannabe glitterati, and you know who you are.

Corky was forthcoming, funny, loose and a riot. Smoking a "J" with
Paul McCartney at age 18!? Now that's important info. Beats my
smoking a "J" on the roof of the Swedish embassy in London.

Or how about Geek Weekly #7 (c'mon people, you know you collect
them some where under your piles of dirty undies). Not only are we
treated to Geek Gal of the Month, Zoe Britton of stage and pinup
fame, but yet another interview with one of Austins jaded musical
observers. Rob Patterson laid down for Susan et voila, another layer
of Austin peeled back to show it's messier side, another slice of
history forgotten by the hipper-than-thou Chronicle folks, or
ignored by XLent -- "we're a family paper dammit!"

Yes, I am biased, smitten if you will be the two luscious editors
from ehll. For one, I have been in Madame LaSuprema's bedroom oh
so long ago. No, not to clean it up, but to peruse her historical
collection of posters, magazines, and albums, and pick her brain
about a bunch of witty youngsters weeded to the allue of, gasp,
gathering news, views, and lewd reviews for publication on paper.

As for Madame LaInferioria, not only am I bowled over by her
beauty like every breathing male heterosexual, but also by her
wicked action with the pen. To wit, after reading her ode to Jewish
boys, I wanted to be Jewish. I swear, after laughing out loud to the
paragraph below, I went to the West Mall at UT to see if some
young fresh fellows were strutting around a little mightier than
before after Susan pushed so many right buttons. Check it out:

"The best boywatching in all of Austin can be found on the
University of Texas West Mall. I speak not of the spunky young boys
who staff the tables for leftist organizations, nor of the plethora
of nearsighted cuties who catch much-needed sun there. No, I'm
talking about those Semitic sweeties, those Hebrew honeys, those
Jacobs, Hoshuas and Joels that staff the recruiting tables for the
campus Jewish student associations."


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