Letter from Harry Massey to Barbara Massey



MERE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB MERE + CHESHIRE Telephone Bucklow Hill 2255.


Darling one -

I didn't manage to write to you yesterday as they suddenly switched the evening programme into the afternoon, with the result that we were kept at it until after the post leaves Peover. Today is the half day, & I have had a few holes of golf here with rather a nice fellow from our crowd who plays golf


for Cheshire. The people here send their letter to Altrincham to catch the post.

Thank you for your two letters darling. The one I got yesterday made me feel very sad, because I hate to think of you being miserable at this time & not be able to be with you.

It is really very much better for me than it is for you, because what with the work & writing up notes & sorting stuff, & writing letters, &


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having dinner, I am kept pretty well at it & occupied until 9-0 p.m.

And then we have quite a pleasant pub just a mile away to go & have a few beers,

My trouble at the moment is to get to sleep at night - I just seem to be awake for goodness knows how long, & always with


the same thoughts. and then I always wake up again at least twice, & have the same trouble in getting off again.

I was so glad to have your letter this morning & hear that you are feeling better. I do hope this keeps - I think about you so much.

I really think some nursing would be a good thing, when you feel well & strong enough. I wanted to say so before, but I thought it was all a



bit too soon afterwards.

We seem to have been put in the care so much by doctors & not knowing things for ourselves - & it would be a wonderful thing if you had some real training & knew more about all these things.

Can you make careful enquiries darling, & see what the possibilities are? If possible find


something which embodies some technical training. And would it be more than you could bear, if it was with children? Do let me know what you think.

Darling one - I don't think it is at all foolish to hope that our next child may have something of sweet Lisa in her. I shall think about it a lot of the time, & you do too, & I am sure this must help - & then we may be really happy again & have



some more real & tangible of our little darling with us.

They want to go to the post now, & so I must stop.

I will write tomorrow without fail.

All my love, sweetheart.


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