Letter from Jonathan P. Coles


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Original Metadata

title: Letter from Jonathan P. Coles

date: 2005-11-08

language: eng

description.content: Letter from Coles to W.C. Kelsey concerning value of land near Washington, Texas; folded; impressed wax seal in top left corner.

description.physical: Width: 20 cm x Height: 25.05 cm

subject.UNTL-BS: Social Life and Customs - Correspondence

subject.UNTL-BS: Places - Republic of Texas

subject.UNTL-BS: People - Individuals

subject.NMC: Communication Artifacts

subject.NMC: Documentary Artifact

subject.KWD: Washington

subject.KWD: TX

subject.KWD: Jonathan P. Coles

subject.KWD: W.C. Kelsey

subject.KWD: Letter

collection: STAR

institution: STAR

resourceType: text_letter

format: text

identifier: 1969-362

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