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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
Feb. 1st 1857 Roger Kane of Roger Kane & Bridgette Garvey Jany 3rd/57 Patrick Gallagher & Anne Burke + Geo. Aloysius
" 10th 1857 James Palmer of Michael Curren Hanly & Catherine Etitia Palmer William I Hanly & Maria Luise[?] Hanly Peter McMahon 13 h. of working. Priest's name crossed out
" 10th 1857 John Hillery of Joseph M. Pilkington & Mary C. Hanly Wm I. Hanly and Maria Luise Hanly Peter McMahon
" 14th 1857 Ellen of James McCann and Bridget McAllister Feb. 6th 1857 James Galliger and Mary McCann Peter McMahon
" 15th 1857 Mary Ann of Martin Sharky & Mary Kane " 7th 1857 Hugh Dougherty and Margaret Doud Peter McMahon
" 14th 1857 James of Patrick Donohoe and Catherine Dougherty John Toughy and Bridget Kenny Peter McMahon
March 23rd 1857 Catherine of John Carney and Elizabeth Maloy March 22nd 1857 James Garomly and Alice Garomly Peter McMahon
March 1857
Ma. 1st 1857 Edward of Thomas Kelly and Nenno Thompson January 31st 1857 David Costin and Mary Kelly Peter McMahon
" 8th 1857 Lucella of Lucelleus Laws and Margaret Coalles Jan 21st 1857 Joseph Gardner & Johanna Wynens Peter McMahon
" 15th 1857 Cornelius of John Murphy and Ellen Haren Oct 25th 1856 Timothy Sullivan and Jeane Hillenmeyer Peter McMahon
" 14th 1857 Catherine of Jeremiah Horn and Elizabeth Connors Feb 2nd 1857 Patrick Skinners and Ann Rooney Peter McMahon
" 29th 1857 Catherine of Thomas Lavin and May Sheeran Jan 21st 1857 Cornick Lavin and Catherine Sheeran Peter McMahon
" 29th 1857 Sarah Gillen Michael Dearing and Sr. Laurentia Peter McMahon
" 29th 1857 Mary Gillen Peter McMahon and Sophia McCabe Peter McMahon
" 29th 1857 Annie GIllen Phoebe Dever and Mag Dougherty Peter McMahon
" 29th 1857 Peter McMahon
April 10th 1857 John of Dannial Barry & Margaret Tracy April 15th 1857 Sarah Gillen Peter McMahon
" 11th 1857 Mary of Mathew Foly and Ellen Coffee March 25th 1857 Morris O'Connell and Aleby Brennan Peter McMahon
" 11th 1857 Mary Ann of Andrew Deleany and Bridget Sheeran " 14th 1857 James Doyle and Martha Doyle Peter McMahon
" 12th 1857 James of Thomas Shannon and Honora Neicean " 30th 1857 Hugh Farrenn and Jane Farrenn Peter McMahon
" 26th 1857 Elizabeth of John Harrington and Johanna Haily April 14th 1857 Morris Harrington and Catherine Donmeene Peter McMahon
May 17th 1857 Patrick of William Coleman and Mary Sullivan Feb. 28th 1857 James Sullivan and Mary Corbed Peter McMahon
" 17th 1857 William of Dennis Murphy and Catherine Foly May 9th 1857 Martin Fitzgerald and Mary Desmon Peter McMahon
" 17th 1857 James of Patrick Slevin and Catherine Lyons April 25th 1857 John McCourt and Mary Lyons Peter McMahon
" 27th 1857 Mary Jane of Thomas Duglis and Elizabeth Murray Dec. 9th 1856 John Louet and Ann Louet Peter McMahon
" 28th 1857 Francis of Patrick O'Neil and Maragret Cannon " 26th 1856 Michael Cannon and Rosy Long Peter McMahon
" 31st 1857 Mary Jane of Thomas Steel and Prisilla Webster Nov 22nd 1841 Peter McMahon and Ann Long Peter McMahon adult
June 7th 1857 Margaret of Jeremiah Ryan and Ellen Daly May 24th 1857 James Hayes and Sarah Gillen Peter McMahon
" 10th 1857 Cornelius of Cornelius Ryan ans Alice Walsh " 22nd 1857 Thomas Morrasey and Mary Byrnes Peter McMahon
" 10th 1857 Jeremiah of John Carney and Lerah McCarty " 22 1857 Thomas Campbell and Bridget Dillon Peter McMahon
" 14th 1857 Margaret of Thomas Curren and Bridget Toughy Nov. 19th 1856 Michael Toughy and Margaret Toughy Peter McMahon
" 15th 1857 Ann of Edward Kennedy and Bridget Coleman May 11th 1857 Peter McMahon and Mag. Dougherty Peter McMahon
" 19th 1857 Honora of Dennis Shine and Ellen Murphy June 8th 1857 Jerry Herlahy and Ellen Herlahy Peter McMahon
" 21st 1857 Joseph of Patrick Eagan and Catherine Kinsella May 29th 1857 Michael Holan and Anne Hyman Peter McMahon
" 28th 1857 John of Thomas Teirney and Mary Reidy June 19th 1857 Edward Reidy and Mary Lynch Peter McMahon

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