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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
Sept. 20th 1857 Bridget Edward Collins and Bridget Quade Sept. 8th 1857 James Shannahan and Ann Bradly Peter McMahon
Sept. 20th 1857 John James Reilly and Louisa Brannan Sept. 8th 1857 Thomas Michan & Jane Hellenmeyer Peter McMahon
Oct. 12th 1857 John Owen Keaden and Susan McQuirk Oct. 8th 1857 Danl. Henry and Margaret McCrystal Peter McMahon
Oct. 17th 1857 Dennis Owen Conway and Catherine Tuttle Oct. 13th 1857 Michael Kearns and Margaret Toughy Peter McMahon
Oct. 17th 1857 Matilda Peter Flynn and Ann Carney June 29th 1857 John Bradly and Sally Bradly Peter McMahon
Oct. 25th 1857 Catherine Patrick Daly and Mary Cummings Sept. 22nd 1857 John Reilly and Elizabeth Daly Peter McMahon
Oct. 25th 1857 Mary Daniel O'Neil and Mary Dray Oct. 11th 1857 James Moran and Mary Goggins Peter McMahon
Nov. 1st 1857 Thomas Patrick Burke and Honora Drum Oct. 22nd 1857 Patrick McEnerny and Mary McEnerny Peter McMahon
Nov. 1st 1857 Mary Bridget John Cary and Ann Muffy Oct. 27th 1857 James McFadden and Mary McNamara Peter McMahon
Nov. 11th 1857 Ellen Patrick Sullivan and Catherine Brennan Oct. 25th 1857 James Fitzgerald and Ellen Sullivan Peter McMahon
Nov. 15th 1857 George George Howard and Mary Kelly " 21st 1857 John Rogers and Mary Ann Caulfield Peter McMahon
Nov. 29th 1857 John Neil McGlinchy & Mary Neiland Nov. 23d 1857 John Rogers & Eliza Ann Owens Charles L. Tierney
Nov. 30th 1857 Marianne Boothe Revd Charles L. Tierney & Bridget Doyle Chas L Tierney A convert
Dec. 2d 1857 Julia Charles McCarthy & Ellen Harrington Nov. 22d 1857 Florence McCarthy and Bridget Burns Charles L Tierney
Dec 6th 1857 John Danniel Feely and Bridget Keane Nov. 26th 1857 William Glancy and Honora Keane Charles L Tierney
Dec. 13th 1857 William Patrick Lacy and Catharine Flynn Nov. 25th 1857 Connor Collins and Mary Lynch Charles L Tierney
Dec. 20th 1857 Thomas John Murry and Anne Conlon Sept. 5th 1857 Hugh Dougherty and Bridget Murphy Charles L Tierney
A.D. 1858
January 3rd 1858 Timothy Thomas O'Dea and Margaret McCarty Dec. 13th 1857 John Neugent and Bridget McCarty Peter McMahon
" 7th 1858 Edmund Thomas Blake and Honora Burke Januy 2nd 1858 Thomas Grace and Mary Costello Peter McMahon
" 7th 1858 James Patrick Burke and Margaret Hare Dec. 29th 1857 Thomas O'Dea and Ellen McCarty Peter McMahon
" 8th 1858 John Timothy Anglin and Johanna Foly Dec. 28th 1857 Michael Foly and Johanna Foly Peter McMahon
" 17th 1858 John Thomas Morrissy and Bridget Shay Dec. 13th 1857 Con Ryan and Allice Ryan Peter McMahon
" 17th 1858 Catherine Martin Sheehan and Ellen Connors Dec. 11th 1857 James Kaling and Mary Flynn Peter McMahon
" 17th 1858 Mary James Hennessy and Mary Lawler Nov. 8th 1857 Patrick Friel and Mary Coughlin Peter McMahon
" 24th 1858 James John Donohoe and Catherine Murray Jan. 3d 1858 Michael Moran and Bridget Murray Peter McMahon
February 6th 1858 Mary Patrick Kelly and Catherine O'Brian Jan. 6th 1858 John Kelly and Johanna Reordan Peter McMahon
" 7th 1858 Mary Martin Fennerly and Catherine Murray Jan. 11th 1858 James Slevin and Margaret Doud Peter McMahon
" 7th 1858 Agnes Thomas O'Brian and Margaret O'Brian Jan. 21st 1858 Thomas Meehan and Maria Fitzgerald Peter McMahon
" 14th 1858 Patrick Peter Sharry and Shusan Maganey Feb. 12th 1858 Bernard Donly and Matilda Magarvey Peter McMahon
" 28th 1858 John H. Henry A. Wessels and Francisca Welle Feb. 13th 1858 Henry Wessels and Catherine Schmidt Peter McMahon
March 7th 1858 Dennis Jerry Coughlin and Catherine Foly Jan. 27th 1858 Dennis Murphy and Ellen Daly Peter McMahon
" 7th 1858 William Patrick Kane and Jane Moran Nov. 14th 1857 Michael Gilroy and Catherine Munie Peter McMahon
" 14th 1858 Ann Michael Dougherty and Bridget Feeny Feb. 2nd 1858 John Donlan and Margaret Rodgers Peter McMahon
" 14th 1858 Ann John Murphy and Bridget Gaherty Feb. 6th 1858 Michael Feeny and Bridget Murphy Peter McMahon
" 14 1858 James John Magarvey and Mary Bradly Feb. 21st 1858 Charles O'Neil and Bridget Hagan Peter McMahon

Notes and Questions

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I see the displayed note in red on pages 10-12 that my saved transcribed pages need review. Do I myself perform the review/proofreading of my transcription against the original and correct as/if needed and click 'approved.' Or, does someone else other than myself do the proofreading and approve these saved pages?

Lexington Public Library

You can proofread and approve them if there aren't any issues (illegible marks [?], for example), but if there are questions about some of the names, it's fine to leave it for someone else to review.