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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
December 22d Bridget Philip Gormly & Ann Pray Decr 12th 1858 Mary O'Neil H. G. Allen
Decr 25th Michel Michel Kelly & Mary Murray Decr 13th 1858 Patrick Nelson and Mary Kane H. G. Allen
December 28th Mary Evens Richard Evens & Elizabeth Davis Oct. 10th 1831 Sister Euphenia Peter McMahon (adult of 27 yrs. Convert)
A.D. 1859 1859
January 2d 1859 Catharine John Maglone and Mary Macnemie Novr 22d 1858 Charles Maglone and Jane Maglone H. G. Allen
Jany 2d 1859 Ann James Murphy and Mary Cummins Decr 20th 1858 Peter Owens and Ellen Geary H. G. Allen
Jany 2d 1859 Mary Robert Mahoney and Margaret Berry Decr 14th 1858 Dennis Garrigan and Bridget M'Carty H. G. Allen
Jan. 29 1859 Sarah Ellen Nicholas Kiley & Harriette Marshall Nov. 12th 1858 John Cody and Ellen S Kegan H. G. Allen
Jan. 30 1859 Catharine James Bradley and Ellen Mallon Jan. 13th 1859 William Moynyhan and Rosa Moynyhan H. G. Allen
Jan. 30 1859 Margaret Louisa James Kelly and Louisa Brenney Decr 24th 1858 Patrick Carroll and Ann Cushion H. G. Allen
Jan. 30 1859 Ann Daniel O'Hearn and Maria Brofee Decr 13th 1858 D.J. Lavin and Maria Herbert H. G. Allen
Feb. 5th 1859 Patrick Patrick Heaney and Mary Carney Jan. 27 1859 John Carney and Elizabeth Mulloy H. G. Allen
Feb. 6th 1859 Catharine Henry Kearns and Charlotte Twomey July 8 1858 Martin Norton and Ann McAlister H. G. Allen
Feb. 6th 1859 Isabella Llan Catharine Jan.17 1859 Isabella Morrison H. G. Allen (colored)
Feb. 6th 1859 Catharine John McNukle and Mary Quigley Nov. 14 1858 Michael McKenny and Mary McKenally H. G. Allen
Febr. 13th 1859 Bridget Thomas Curren and Bridget Toughey Dec. 15th 1858 John Rogers and Ann McAllesler C.F. Howe
Feb. 13th 1859 Catharine John Doyle and Bridget Hanly Jan. 12th 1859 Thomas Reynolds and Mary Degnon Peter McMahon
Feb 18th 1859 Abbey John O,Keefee and Bridget Kirby Feb 9th 1859 Patrick Lacy and Catherine Lacy Peter McMahon
Feb 18th 1859 Catherine John O'Keefe and Bridget Kirby Feb 9th 1859 John Denahy and Julia Sullivan Peter McMahon
Feb. 19th 1859 Thomas Timothy Galvin and Catharine Scully Feb. 3d 1859 Edmond Scully and Margaret Scully H. G. Allen
Feb 26th 1859 Catherine James McWilliams and Ann Murray Dec. 28th 1858 James Hagan and Ann Kane Peter McMahon
Feb 27th 1859 Dennis Michael Holland and Mary Galvin Feb 10th 1859 Timothy Mariarty and Johanna Mariarty Peter McMahon
Feb 27th 1859 Catherine Dennis Murphy and Johanna Faly Feb 22nd 1859 Dennis Murphy and Ellen McTigert Peter McMahon
Feb 27th 1859 Mary Jane Michael Hagan and Margaret Hararty Feb. 19th 1859 Patrick Stines and Bridget Hagan Peter McMahon
March 6th 1859 John Patrick Caden and Margaret Caden March 1st 1859 Charles M'Cristel & Mary Hennery H. G. Allen
March 11th 1859 Mary Michael Clifford and Mary Skiddy Feby 15th 1859 Eliza Flemming and Philip Clifford H. G. Allen
March 13th 1859 Jane Christopher Byrns and Ellen Shay March 2nd 1859 James Byrns and Mary Ann Cronan Peter McMahon
March 13th 1859 Robert F. John C. Frazer and Maria L. Hanly March 1st 1859 James K. Frazer and Pauliena H. Slone Peter McMahon
March 20th 1859 James James Gormly and Alice Carney Feby 6th 1859 Ambrose McKenney & Mary Haney H. G. Allen
March 27th 1859 Julia Matthew Shay and Elizabeth Deneign March 23rd 1859 Daniel Hearlihy and Julia Shay Peter McMahon
April 11th 1859 Michael John Imomy and Mary Buckley Feby 12th 1859 Richard Buckley and Ellen Buckley H. G. Allen
April 10th 1859 Margaret Dennis Scheahen & Mary Harden March 4th 1859 William Kennaughn & Cullinan Peter McMahon
April 10th 1859 William William Kennann & Mary Sullivan Jan 15th 1859 Dennis Schaehen & Hanna Murphy Peter McMahon
April 10th 1859 Joseph Dan Harrigan and Liddy Jacke Jan 8th 1859 Thomas Kelly and Margaret Driscoll Peter McMahon
April 10th 1859 Mary Thomas Kelly Hannora Thompson March 6th 1859 Dan Hagan and Mary Murphy Peter McMahon
April 10th 1859 James James Hennessy and Mary Lawlor Jan 8th 1859 Jerry Thompson and Mary Coughlin Peter McMahon

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