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Transcription Conventions:

Copy the handwritten information as written in the ledger to the spreadsheet in the matching columns. Save your work often! From the Page does not autosave. Mark the page as "Needs Review" only after completing the entire page. As you work, follow these conventions:

General Formatting:

There is no need to replicate the formatting on the page by adding spaces, the spreadsheet will export the data properly displayed. Use the tab button to move between the cells.


Dates should be copied as written in the ledger. The date field in the spreadsheet is set up for text input instead of numerical input.


Use original spelling.


Use original capitalization.


Maintain original contractions and abbreviations.


Keep original punctuation, including ditto (“) marks.

Later Notations on the Text:

Transcribe these as written in the Extra Notations column. (The Extra Notations column will be blank most of the time; this is fine!)

Blank Cells

Leave the corresponding cell in the transcription spreadsheet blank, no notation is necessary.

Cut Off Text

Keep only the letters that are visible, do not guess what the word is. Zooming in or adjusting the brightness and contrast may help to see what the letters are.

Illegible Text

Mark any words that you are unsure about with a question mark (?) in square brackets [], like this [?]. Mark the whole word even if some letters are legible.