Baptismal Book 1854-1909 Part One



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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1863 May 24th Henry of Alexander McKeever & Mary Mullins May 19th John Haley & Mary McNally P. C. Coll
" May 30 Thomas of Thomas Odey & Margaret McCarty April 27 Patrick Canney & Mary Bynnes P. C. Coll
" May 31st Charles of Michael Hagan & Margaret Haserty May 20th Andrew McNemee & wife P. C. Coll
" " John of Phillip Gormaly & Bridget Caden " 30th Thomas Gormaly & Cath. Houlihan P. C. Coll
23 Charles of WM Caster & Josephine Whelan May 31-1862 Isabela Morison JH Lynch
11 Junii baptizata Catherina filia Damelis Oconnell et Magarethoe Ray 2 Junii Satnoms Mahoney et Catherina Reorde A: Eyelmees
eodem die Thomas Glugonis McGradey et Alles Mealuney 6 Junii Wilhelmus Glenny et Maria Doneley A: Eyelmees
Stem. Meania Carolina filia Satruu Carrell et Brigada Kaling 6 Junii Wilhelmus Keavy et Anna Lynch A: Eyelmees
20 die Junii baptizavi Grannem filium Satrurii Meggelan [?] Geoumis Gleany et unos yus A: Eyelmees
23 die Junii domi baptizavi Marcam filiam Grannis Kearny et Elis Mall[?] 19 Junii Mearia Glenny at yue Galobino Browlly A: Eyelmees
25 die Junii domi baptizavi Thomum Trunurs cum filium Thomae Guinn 20 Junii Satrerum Monayhan et Meara Murray A: Eyelmees
30 die Junii baptizavi Carthem Glenno um filium Michaelis Braine et Aday Rin 4 Junii Katrina evat Helena Bain A: Eyelmees
Julii 2 baptizavi in hospitale Thomson Barry conversum en [?] Jere[?] 22 annos natum, matrinu [?] so[?] [?]antaths A: Eyelmees
Julii 4 baptizatus est Goudbus Satraii[?] Mehan et Catharine Wall Jan. 16. Josephus Donoven et Magaretho Mahony A: Eyelmees
" 12 baptizavi sub conditione. Moram Giannis D[?} & Magarethoe Health Julii 9 Gionnis Harrington et Meara Rily A: Eyelmees
" 14 baptizata est Mara Juannis Sonher & Avarue Evens Jere amem nieta[?]h. sponsores Anna Mahoney & Juonnis Flaming A: Eyelmees
" 17 baptizatus April Moamonis Zury Oconnor & Marie Moriarty Julii 15 Mothers et Catharina Huloyhan A: Eyelmees
August 1 baptizata est Maria Thomas Cahie et Marie Costloe Julii 2 Guonnis Cagheny & Zelomma Desyelmon A: Eyelmees
" 7 baptizata est Catherina Anna Reugaru Yollon and Brigidee Mueyhain June 15 Jeremias Abner et yue Maria Jonan A: Eyelmees
" 8 baptizata est Catherina Cardli Glenny & Catherine Murray Julii 11 Michael Trainer et Anuella Keane A: Eyelmees
" 11 baptizatus fruit Goudbus Cornelii Callens & Marie Peasloe Aug. 9 Edmandus Redy et Elizabetha Callins A: Eyelmees
" 15 baptizata est Glonora Timothei Zyneth et Marie Mcnamara Aug 12 Michael Mcnamara et Maria Kane A: Eyelmees
" 15 Magoretha filia Bartholemei Regan et Cath. Reardan Aug 1 Michael Kelly et Anna Regan A: Eyelmees
" 18 Maria filia by Aima Setri Mary et Susanne McGarvy Aug 16 Denis Ohara & Maria Rods A: Eyelmees
" 19 Nancy filia Giannis Abner et Anne Nolan Sept. 1862 Matrina evat Susanna Bradly A: Eyelmees
" 20 Thomas fiius Thomue Levin et Catherine Meran July 27 Andreas Levin and Maria An Mcgowen A: Eyelmees
" 23 Joannis filius Augustni Brandenmaker et Brynlae Ohayn Aug 17 Michael Savage et Helena Chayns A: Eyelmees
" 24 Maria [?] Gluyonis Mcdonnel en Presbyterianismo conven 78 annos nata, Matrina frut Maria Kane A: Eyelmees
" 25 Joannis Wilhelmus filius Joannis McCarty et Maria Hoy Aug. 21 Richardus Morgan et Brigida Kane A: Eyelmees
Sept 2nd Joanna filia Joannis McCarty & Ellen Goggin Aug 30 Cornelius Collen & Caterina Collen M Brunds
september 5 Andreas filius Caroli Burns et Marie Katen Julii 29 Satrruius Katen Muroeyue McCay A: Eyelmees
" 6 Joannis filius Satrinu Kelly et Magarethoe Black Aug 3 Satrinus Murray et May Mayhan A: Eyelmees
" 7 Joannis filius Thomae Flynn et Magarethoe Rudy Aug 26 Galleus Carrel et Cath Redy A: Eyelmees
" 7 Eduardus Filius Guedbi Mannen et Brigittoe Casfidy Aug. 30 Eduardus Monnen et Maria Casfidy A: Eyelmees Corrected by L. de Waegenaire June 3 [?]
" 17 Setrus Trana[?} filius Joannis Ruyers et Anne Mc[?] Sept. 9 Goudbus McAh[?} et Anna McLaughin A: Eyelmees
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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1863. -26 Sept. Honora Denis Oneill et Magarethae Regan 25 Sept Joannis Mcnamara et Maria Cornell A.Egelmeers
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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
January 23? Mary Ann of Thomas Vale & Mary Shay 22 Jan Timothee Dineen & Eliza Deneen J. H. Bekkers
" 24th Catherine Isabella Maria of Peter Coghlan & Ann Conner 19 " Jerreme McDonnell & Maria Fitzgerald J. H. Bekkers
" 28 Alice daughter of Green A Perkens & Sara Haydan 30 Nov 1863 Mrs Mary Oneil & J. H. Bekkers
Feb 7th Patrick of James Doneghoe & Margeret Logen 18th Jan 64 Michael Finn & Mary Murphey L.D. W ille
13 Alice of James Mcormick & Ellen Mullen 16 imt Daniel Herlihy & Ann Finnerhy J. H. Bekkers
Feb 14th Marten of Marten Mclaughin & Maggie Daun 26th Jan Michael Murray & Bridget Mcloghan L.D. W ille
" 14th Ann of Patrick Murray & Bridget Daun 21st Michael Daun & Maggie Laphan L.D. W ille
21st {Eorreso?] of John I Leghtmer & Cathrin Gink 10th Kate Ryan & J. H. Bekkers
25th Mary Isabell of MickSullivan & Cathrin Spelman 5th Patrick Spelman & Mary I Darlinghouse J. H. Bekkers
26th Alice of Edmund Koach & Ann Harnett 7th January John Sherman & Ellen Gury J. H. Bekkers
28th Harrison Patrick of Patrick Harkins & Harriet Jane Pickett 18 Aug 1858 James Harkins & Mrs Sara Ann Harkins J. H. Bekkers
28th Hugh Granville of Patrick Harkins & Harriet Jane Pickett 16 Dec 1863 James Harkins & Mrs Sara Ann Harkins J. H. Bekkers
March 4th Joseph William of John Adums & Matilda Josephine Gough 14 Oct 1863 Mrs Ann Serilla Allgrier & J. H. Bekkers
6th Thomas son of Peter McNally & Mary Jane Foner 29th Feb Thomas Foner & Rosan Foner J. H. Bekkers
12th Honora of Thomas Welch & Mary Hanley 11 Jun Cornelius Murphy & Julia Flemming J. H. Bekkers
12th Mary Elisabeth of Staneslas Mitchel & America Baylaf 15 years of age Sister Mary Welch and J. H. Bekkers
" Marguerit of Alexander McKenzie & Anna Oldham 16 years old Sponsors Marguerit Hanley and J. H. Bekkers
" Catherine of Bartholemew Feumey & Bridget McCreerey 15 Feb James Feumey & Elisa Fitsgerald J. H. Bekkers
" Catherine Servant of Dennis Mullegun 14 years of age Mrs Dennis Mulligan and J. H. Bekkers
" Mary Servant of Dennis Mullegun 12 years of age Dennis Mulligan & Mrs D. Mulligan J. H. Bekkers
20 Catherine of Michael Dougerty & Bridgit Feeney 7 of Feb Andrew Larkin & Bridgit Hanley J. H. Bekkers
" Johanna Cooper wife of Timothy Conner aged 25 Thomas Mehan & Mrs Ellen Mehan J. H. Bekkers
" Daniel of Patrick Murphy & Ellen Driscoll 12th March Michael Clark & Bridgit Barley J. H. Bekkers
19th Georgia of George Bowman & Maria Girt aged 22 Mrs Elisa S.Brown Rev.C.F.Smarnia S.J Baptiseta
18th Barbara of Allen & Elisabeth Jackson aged 14 Se Cleophas Mills & Rev. C.F.Smarnia SJ (Squiggle line?)
24th Mary McIlroy Sub Conditione age 90 Mrs Bayley & J. H. Bekkers
18th Louisa of Warren Benton & Louisa Royal 9th April 1850 Sr Mary Walsh & Rev.C.F.Smarnia S.J Baptista
25th George Anthony of John B Richarron & Rebecca F.McFadden 6th imt John McFadden & Se Cleophas Mills J. H. Bekkers
27th Timothy of John Densen & Honora Brennan 26th imt Mathew Shay & Johanna Densen J. H. Bekkers
13th Hattie M. Brees wife of Almond Barnett 18 years old Mrs Keslenger & J. H. Bekkers
29th Louisa Ellen Easter of Louis Helfrets & Louisa Kate Bowtz 27th int Jacob Shierer & Ann Murphy J. H. Bekkers
" Annie Glenna Easter Hugh OGara & Mrs Sara OGara J. H. Bekkers
31st George Dietz on condition 31 years old Richard Garland & Mrs Garland J. H. Bekkers
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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1864 April 1st Mary Ellen of Joseph Hollenkamp & Cathrin Schultze 25 March Joseph Leep and Mrs Ellen Schultze J. H. Bekkers
3rd Cathrin Ann of Patrick Riordan & Ellen Fitzgerald 27 February Wm Moran Riordan & Elisa C. Rividan J. H. Bekkers
3rd Mary of Pierce Welsh & Marguerit Graham 19 March George Graham & Rudy M Graham J. H. Bekkers
3rd Edmund of Horace Oconner & Marguerit Mahaney 16 Jan Sponsor Mrs Mary Lynch and J. H. Bekkers
4th Mary Ellen of Nathan Markum & Mary Houghrow 7 March John Houghrow & Honora Houghrow J. H. Bekkers
7th Ellen of Cornelius Murphy & Mary OConner 3 [?] Patrick Murphy & Mrs Ellen Feeney J. H. Bekkers
10th William of John OToole & Mary Ann ORiley 26 March Wm H. Geogeghan & Mary Ann Reynolds J. H. Bekkers
10th Mathew of Wm Humuhun & Honora Holliahn 4 [?] Timothy Hoolihan & Johanna Garvey J. H. Bekkers
11th William of Thomas Hays & Mary Meany 14 January James Cahill & Bridget Hines J. H. Bekkers
17th Mary of Michael Savage & Mary Coffee 15th [?] Jeremiah Connor & Bridgit Houghrow J. H. Bekkers
24th John of James OBrion & Mary Evans 16th [?] James McGurck & Mary Jane Delaney J. H. Bekkers
May 1st Ellen of Andrew Mcmenee & Sara Mcmenee 11th Aprill Michael Hagen & Sara Hagen L D Wille
April Mary Fanny of John Nolin & Sara Redman Mrs Bridgit Baily and J. H. Bekkers
May 4th Mary of Francis Moran & Mary Devlin 16th April James Moran & Mrs Elisa McCarty J. H. Bekkers
5th On Condition Mary Ann of Thomas Cageney & Bridgit McGeats 4 [?] David ODonnell & Mrs Mary Franklin J. H. Bekkers
13th Martin of Martin Fitzgerald & Ellen Buckley 12th [?] Michael McNamara & Mary ODriscoll J. H. Bekkers
16th John of Timothy Mehan & Mary Haly 13th [?] Thomas Collins and Ellen Ahern J. H. Bekkers
20th John Thomas of John McKeaver & Cathrin Lynn 29th April Thomas Gormely & Mrs Sara A. Gormely J. H. Bekkers
22nd Mary of James Clark & Ellen Delaney 1st [?] Peter Feeney & Mrs Ellen Feeney J. H. Bekkers
29th Francis of Patrick Doyle & Cathrin Murray 15th [?] Michael Doyle & Bridget Bohan J. H. Bekkers
" Honora Marguerit of James Roach & Mary Geary 25th [?] Michael Geary & Marguerit McQuaid J. H. Bekkers
June 2 Patrick of James McCann & Bridget McAllister 2[?] May Francis Bradley & Nanny McGurk J. H. Bekkers
5th Mary Aloysia of Henry A Wesfah & Elizabeth Schultz 31 May Joseph Leep & Mrs Louisa Huism J. H. Bekkers
5th Louisa Marguerit of John Keiser & Cathrin Burm 22 Louisa Heidman & J. H. Bekkers
5th John Henry of John McCool & Ellen McTigert 2nd Thomas Lyons & Mrs Bridgit McNamara J. H. Bekkers
5th James of Daniel Feeley & Bridgit Cain 29 May John Cain & Mrs Maggie Farrell J. H. Bekkers
18th Mary Ellen of James Cahill & Mary Welsh 5 May Thomas Hays & Mary Kelly J. H. Bekkers
22nd John of Philip Corregan & Ann Shields 13 June Patrick Riley & Mrs Elizabeth Crigg J. H. Bekkers
26th Thomas Francis of David Clanasey & Mary Williams 15 June James Clarke & Mary Lock L D Wille
July 3rd Rosa of James Bradley & Cathrin Henry 26 May John Donnelly & Sara Toner J. H. Bekkers
" Hugh of James Gormaly & Alice Karney 21 June John Henry & Marguerit Karney J. H. Bekkers
" James of Michael McKartey & Elez. Farrell 28th June Patrick Sareses & Mary Sulnan L D Wille
9th James of Edward Hoolihan & Bridgit McKough 8th [?] Martin Norton & Mrs Ann Norton J. H. Bekkers
31st Patrick of Timothy Oconnor & Mary C. Cooper 23 [?] Jeremiah Oconnor & Mrs Honora Coghlan J. H. Bekkers
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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
August 2 Anthony of Thomas Coner & Mary Flinn 21 July Anthony Flynn & Mrs Mary Coyne J. H. Bekkers
6th James of John ODonnell & Julia Robin 31- Thomas Finney & Bridgit C(__)ney J. H. Bekkers
14th Edward of Richard OBrion & Mary McCann 9 June Michael Coghlan & Mary Duff J. H. Bekkers
14th Anna of James Hennerfee & Mary Lawler 13 May Thomas Hennifee & Louisa Rooberton J. H. Bekkers
21st John of Thomas Curran & Bridgit Tuhy 20 imb John Tuhy & Mary Ann McGayun J. H. Bekkers
21st John of Philip McGuire & Mary Walsh 22 July William Augustine Varty & Julia Omara J. H. Bekkers
21st Johanna of Michael Hilly & Johanna Reardon 12 imb Martin Stone &7 Julia Rohan J. H. Bekkers
28th Catherine of James McFadden & Mary McCormest 21 July Daniel Oneil & Ellen Oneil J. H. Bekkers
Sept 4th Joseph Michael of Martin Skam & Ellen Lumpier 27 Aug John Keef & Mrs Mary Oday J. H. Bekkers
Sept 4th Anna of Cormick Laven & Kate Ryen 18 Aug Patrick Ryan & Sara Laven J. H. Bekkers
7th Mary of Daniel Slavin & Ellen McGinn 20 imt Daniel Horan & Honora Dillon J. H. Bekkers
16th Bredget of John Neran Eliz: Reynols 20 inst James Cane & Ann OFlynn L.D. Wille
18th John of David Haly & Julia Shaw 1st inst Jeremiah Connor & Frances Cronin J. H. Bekkers
21st James of James Lyons & Cath: M'Court 3 inst Patrick Reynolds & Bredget Lyons L.D. Wille
26 Mary Ellen of James Harkens & Sara Ann Luckett 4th June Rev J. H. Bekkers & Mary Owens J. H. Bekkers
L.D. Wille
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