Baptismal Book 1854-1909 Part One



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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
Dec 23 I baptized Marguerit of P. Daley & Marguerit Hay 1th inst John McCarty & Mrs Mary Joyce J. H. Bekkers
25 Sara Ann[?] of Patrick Rogers & Ann Dougherty 10 inst John Rogers & Bridgit Murray J H Bekkers
January 4th James of Patrick McNally & Mary Kearney 31 Nov 64 William Burns & Rpsam <cG;pwm J. H. Bekkers
Jan 1st Mary of Michael Quinn & Ellen Houlihan 24 Dec 64 James Drumy & Mrs Johanna Kelly J. H. Bekkers
Jan 15th Ellen of James Breathly & Ellen Miller Dec 15th 64 Patrick Ray & Sara Breathly L D Wille
29th Peter Jeremiah of Charles Dunnevan & Mary Coghlan 24 inst Jeremiah Dunnevan & Julia Dunnevan J. H. Bekkers
29th Catharine of Jeremiah Connors & Mary Moriarty 22 inst Thomas Gallivan & Mary Connors J. H. Bekkers
Feb 5th Francis Patrick of Patrick Kearney & Susan Oneil 26 Jan John Kearney & Elizabeth Kearney J. H. Bekkers
13th Catharine of John Franklin and Mary Tobin 2 inst William Tobin & Mrs Mary Mahoney J. H. Bekkers
15th Mary of Patrick Halpin & Ellen Horrigan 2 inst John Halpin & Bridget Oday J. H. Bekkers
19th Maria of Philip Gormaley & Bridget Caden Feb: 14th Charles Gormaley & Mary Byrne L D Wille
" Rosa Ann of Philip Gormaley & Bridget Caden Feb 14th Charles Byrne & Mary McCaffarey L D Wille
" John of John Cahall & Julia Moore Feb 1st Daniel Havenken & Mary Walsh L D Wille
26th Cathrine of John Lovatt & Ann Goui Jan: 29 James Braethly & Cath: Grissen L D Wille From Jess. Co
" Martin of Francis Moore & Mary G. Gralen Feb 19th John Doyll & Mary [?]artey L D Wille non Cath
March 5th Ellesha of Christopher Burns & Ellen Shay 3 inst John Shay & Ann Shinners J. H. Bekkers
6th John of Thomas Hanley & Mary Doyle 10 Dec 64 Michael Loby & Mrs Ann Gilroy J. H. Bekkers
9th William of John B: Wehrle & Frederica Speer July 27th 64 John Wehrle & Maria Glass L D Wille non Cath
12 Daniel of Daniel Hulehy and Johanna Deneen 11th inst Sponsors Daniel Deneen & Mrs Elisa Shay J. H. Bekkers
12 Charles George of Charles George Buts & Louisa Cavy 21 Jan. Joseph Tidel Eyrean & Mrs Ann Ant. Eyrean J. H. Bekkers
15 Robert Francis of John White & Susan Hipe 9 Jan Robert Cushing & Agnes White J. H. Bekkers
25 Bridgit of James Ronan & Elisa Shay 5th Feb Timothee Fryer & Honora Gibbons J. H. Bekkers
19 Michael of Michael Styles & Johanna Moriarty 11th Aug 1864 Mrs Johanna Shannahan J. H. Bekkers
April 2 Mary Francis of Henry Rhoun & Mary Oconnor 3 Dec 1864 Thomas Mehan & Mars Ellen McCarty J. H. Bekkers on condition
10 George Albert of Valentine Feger & Frncisca Wellie 24 March Henry Wesfels & Mrs Catherine Hollenkamp J. H. Bekkers
14 Susan Thomas of John Adams & Josephine Gough 24 Feb Edward Holmes & Theresa Twyman J H. Bekkers
16 William of Thomas Lanen & Catherine Shuran 11 March Patrick Reynolds & Bridgit Quinlan J. H. Bekkers
18 Charles Gibson Malony & Elibeth Naus 22 Jan Jeremiah Coghlan & Mrs Maria Fitzgerald J H. Bekkers
23 Michael of Patrick OBrion & Kate Fon 7th inst Philip Carfiday & Kate Shannon J H. Bekkers
29 Rosa of Bernard Donelly & Sara OBrion 18 March John McGarvey & Mrs Mary McGarvey J H Bekkers
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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1856 30th April Mary William Coughlin & Bridgit Conway 24th inst James Oneil & Marguerit Conway J.H. Bekkers
May 1st George Michael Michael Sullivan & Emily English 13 Aug 1864 Mrs Mary Murpy J.H. Bekkers
12 John Edward Welch & Catherine Denun 12th inst John Denun & Anna Ryan J.H. Bekkers
25 Mary John Denun & Honora Broman 23 inst Timothee Denun & Mrs Mary Conway J.H. Bekkers
28 John Charles Sharkey & Bridget Sweeny 19th inst Peter Sweeny & Rose Sweeny J.H. Bekkers
June 11 Michael Michael Morrissy & Bridgit Kane 7th inst Michael Savage & Mrs Mary Savage J.H. Bekkers
15 Marguerit Ann Barny Brannen & Sara Lavin 24 May John M. Donnelan & Marguerit Laven J.H. Bekkers
15 John Hugh Ferrell & Marguerit Kane 1st inst Patrick Lenart & Ellen Murray J.H. Bekkers
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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1865 18th John Jameson executed the same day about 22 years of age of Cynthiana Ky J. H. Bekkers
18th Joseph Collins executed the same day about 25 years of age of Shepperdsville Ky J. H. Bekkers collored man
Sept. 3 Catherine of Martin Castello & Cathrine Hagen July 8th Patrick McDevit & Mary Duff J. H. Bekkers
11th Mary of John Haney & Jane Cain 6th inst Joseph Haney & Mary Ann Haney J. H. Bekkers
14th Cornelius of Cornelius Collins & Catherine Cronan 11th inst John Ryan & Mary Cronan J. H. Bekkers
14th Thomas of James Williams & Mary Coghlan 18th inst Michael Hays & Mary Conners J. H. Bekkers
18th Thomas of Michael Sullavan & Cath: Williams Aug: 15th Denis Sullavan & Cath: Henney L D Wille
22 James Coughlan of Thomas Quinn & Mary Coghlan 19th inst Michael OConnell & Julia Coghlan J. H. Bekkers
22 Ann of Patrick Doyle & Cathrine Murray 22 inst Bernard Glancy & Bridgit Carroll J. H. Bekkers on condition
24th Ellen of John McCarty & Mary Hoy 10th inst John Cody & Mrs Mary Carroll J. H. Bekkers
Oct 1st John Francis of John Hagerty & Catherine Kennedy 28th Sept Edward M. Cronan & Mary Fitzgerald J H. Bekkers
1st Cathrin of Michael Mahan & Mary Donohoe 26th inst Michael Donohoe & Mrs Marguerit Donohoe J H. Bekkers
1st Nicolas of James Drummey & Marguerit Hite 26th Inst John McNamara & Julia Drummey J H. Bekkers
4th Mary of Thomas Corrigan & Elizabeth Fahy 26th inst Michael Rourk & Mrs Rosa Rourk J. H. Bekkers
8th Eliza of Patrick Daly & Mary Cummins 4th inst Michael Buckley & Kate Murphy J. H. Bekkers
13th Agnes of Thomas Flynn & Marguerit Ready 2 inst Thomas Gleason & Mrs Ellen Ready J. H. Bekkers
15th John Terry of Owen Finorigan and Sara Voice 28th Sept P. W. Hays & Ann McLoughlan J. H. Bekkers
22 Mary Ellen of John B. Richardson & Francis McFadden 29th Sept Ellen McFadden & J H. Bekkers
25th Mary Ann of John Doyle & Bridgit Conners 22 inst Charles Burns & Mary Casfeday J H. Bekkers
Nov. 5th Francis of John Kearney & Ann Hart 2 inst Robert McCauley & Mrs Marguerit Coughlan J H. Bekkers
11th Mary of Dennis Mahoney & Mary Shannon 27th [?] Michael Shannon & Mrs Mary Roach J H Bekkers
19th Ann of John Dougherty and Catharine Flynn 15th Nov. Thomas Dougherty & Mary A. Flynn Geo. A. Watson
19th James of James O'Brien & Mary Evans Nov. 10th John Mulloy & Ellen Ahern Geo. A. Watson
22nd Mary of James Scully & Catharine Daisey " 19th Tom Daisey & Julia White Geo. A. Watson
26th Francis of Philip Minor & Mary McCabe 21st Patrick Riley & Rosa McCabe J H. Bekkers
26th Luke of Thomas Donelen & Sarah Laven 25th Pat. Donelen & Jane Laven Geo. A. Watson
27th James of Wm Mahoney & Johanna Mulcahy 23rd John Ruach & Johanna Tierney Geo. A. Watson
Dec 3rd Margaret of Pat. Seggerson & Margt. Cahill Dec. 1st Pat. Savage & Ellen Sullivan Geo. A. Watson
14th Timothy of Timothy Sullivan & Ellen Harnett " 7th Daniel Foley & Julia Sullivan Geo. A. Watson
14th James of John Collins & Johanna Deslemond 13th inst Edmund Ready & Mrs Ellen McCarthy J. H. Bekkers
24th Timothy of Gerry Moynehan & Mary Ashe 14th inst Peter Coughlan & Mrs Ann Kearney J. H. Bekkers
24th Ann of Patrick Oconner & Ellen Sullivan 21st inst Timothy Meehan & Johanna Gallager J H. Bekkers
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Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
1866 January 4th Bartholemew of Timothy Lynch & Mary McNamara 31 Dec 1865 John McCool & Mary Ann Riley J. H. Bekkers
" 10th Patrick of Michael Sullivan & Cathrin Spelman 18th Nov 1865 Timothy Hoolihan & Bridget Spelman J H. Bekkers
" 6th James of P. F. Maguire and Mary Walsh 21st Nov. 1865. Margaret Maguire and [?] Walsh Geo. A. Watson
" 14th Thomas of Daniel Ahern and Maria Brophy 5th Jan. 1866. Maria Fitzgerald & Michl, O'Mara Geo. A. Watson
" 14th Daniel of Daniel Ahern and Maria Brophy. 5th Jan. 1866. Ellen Ahern and Wm Dillon Geo. A. Watson
" 14th Edward of Pat. Keagan & Margt[?] Keagan 6th Jan. 1866. Bridget Keagan and Philip Smith Geo. A. Watson
13th Dennis of Patrick Mahony & Catherine Dalton 20th Dec 65 Thomas Sheehan & Mrs Elisa Lamphur J. H. Bekkers
20th James Clark a convert about 22 years old Francis Dillon & Mrs Ellen Morgan J. H. Bekkers
21st Cornelius of Daniel Oconnell & Marguerit Shay 15th inst Thomas Vale & Johanna Shay J. H. Bekkers
24th James of Robert Oneil & Anna Wales 19 Sept 1865 Jeremiah Corcoran & Susan Oneil J. H. Bekkers
" 28th Ellen Bridget of Pat. McManus & Ellen Casswell Jan 26th Martin Norton & Ellen Norton Geo. A. Watson
28th James Thomas of James Clark & Ellen Delany David Cohesy & Mary Deneen Geo. A. Watson
February 3 Thomas of William Monahan & Rosa Malon 11th inst John Donelly & Mary Henry J. H. Bekkers
4th John of Thomas McGlown & Mary Frainor 28th Jan John Frainor & Bridgit Maguire J. H. Bekkers
11th Ann[?] Honora of Richard Garland & Catherine Hoolihan 9th inst John Hennesey Rosa McManus J. H. Bekkers
February 27th. Laura Helen Mary of Jos. Hollenkamp & A. C. Schultz. 20th. Feb. H. F. Blase & Elizabeth Wessels Geo. A. Watson
March 4th. Agnes of John Mahoney & Ann Sweeney 27th. Feb. Martin and Ellen Skain Geo. A. Watson
23th James W. Knight about 29 years of age Hugh [?] Ogara & Mrs. Ogara J. H. Bekkers
25th Melvin Laury Knight about 3[?] year of age Dennis Mulligan & Mrs Mulligan J. H. Bekkers
25th Thomas Knight fam of James & Knight in 1859 Thomas Quinn & Mrs Quinn J. H. Bekkers
25th Mary Martha Louisa of John A. McMillan & Mary L. Thomas 3 inst Sponsors George White & Ellen Geoghagan J. H. Bekkers
25th David of Bartholemew Hegan & Catherine Reardon 19th inst David Regan & Mrs Mary Regan J. H. Bekkers
25th John of Cornelius Lavan & Kate Ryan 20th inst Andrew Lavan & Mary Ryan J. H. Bekkers
30th Edward of Edward Roach & Ann Harnett 19th Dec 1865 Sponsors Michael & Margerit Gary J. H. Bekkers
April 1st Mary Ccathrin of John Tobin & Mary Masterson 3 March John Kearney & Mrs Susan Donelly J H Bekkers
1st Cathrin Theresa of David Clohufey & Mary Williams 20th March Cornelis McCauliff & Mary Linney J H. Bekkers
April 5th John of Patrick Moynahan & Meary Grangfield 30th March Patrick Thui & Ann Thui L D Welle
6th Clarisfar Mary Agnes Grant, on condition 15 years old Sister Euphemin & J H. Bekkers
6th Rosa of Charles Heaney & Agnes Goodwone 6th inst Patrick Goodwone & Sara Foner J. H. Bekkers
12th Mary Laura Catherin of Henry Wesfels & Elisabeth Schulz 11th inst Henry Leep & Mrs Cathrin Hollenkamp J H Bekkers
15th Patrick of Cornelius Murphy and Mary Conners 23d Feb Michael McNamara & Julia Dum[?] J H Bekkers
15th Andrew of Henry Juvenolli & Cathrin Harris 10th inst Samuel Bonefanti & Mrs Mary F Asyerats J H. Bekkers
22d Daniel of Jeremiah OConner & Mary Moriarty 20th inst Edmond Gleeson & Johanna Golman J H Bekkers
22d Francis Violethe of James Henry Sims & Marguerit Luddy 13th January John Cornwall & Mrs Elisa Shan J H Bekkers
24th Thomas Elsworth of Wm Fuller & Lucy Furey 14th inst Hugh Ogara & Marguerit Furey J. H. Bekkers
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St. Paul Catholic Church Baptismal Ledger 1854-1909 from Lexington Public Library's Digital Archive Community Collection

Date Name of Child Lawful Child of Born Sponsors Priest Extra Notations
April 29th Timothy of John McCarty & Ellen Noggin 16th inst Thomas Collins & Mrs Johanna Collins J.H. Bekkers
" Cathrin of Patrick Burns & Mary Ann Malay 17th inst John McManus & Mrs Mary McManus J.H. Bekkers
" Marguerit of Michael Savage & Mary Coffey 27th inst Patrick Surgison & Mrs Marguerit Surgison J.H. Bekkers
May 6 Samuel Hulett a Convert about 35 years old James Gordan & Mrs Wm Walker J.H. Bekkers
6 Margerit of Thomas Douglas & Elisabeth Munay 8th oct 1865 Francis Douglas & Mrs Cathrin Hays J.H. Bekkers
10th John of James Slevin & Ellen Cangeny 8th inst Patrick Slevin & Bridgit Cangeny J.H. Bekkers
13th Rosanna of Peter McEnally & Mary Jane Foner 5th inst Martin McLoughlan & Mrs Maggie McLoughlan J.H. Bekkers
13 William of Wm Coghlan & Bridgit Conway 9th inst James Melaney and Marguerit Conway J.H. Bekkers
13 Thomas of Thomas Green & Marguerit Burke 10th April Daniel Hurlehy & Mrs Elisa Shay J.H. Bekkers
13 William of Timothy Hulehy & Johanna Danson 11th inst James ODonnell & Anna Shay J.H. Bekkers
13 Julia of Timothy OConnell & Honora Keef 9th inst Timothy Gluson & Catherine Sullivan J.H. Bekkers
20 Sara Emily of John Canoll & Ellen Evonston 13th March Michael Deneen & Susan Gough J.H. Bekkers
20 Wm Alexander of Thomas McNamara & Julia Ann Sprinkle 17th March 1864 Patrick McNamara & Kate Foley J.H. Bekkers
31 Michael Joseph of Garrett Riley & Marguerit OFool 11th May Alexander OFool and Rosa Anna OFool J.H. Bekkers
June 3 Edward of James Donahue & Marguerit Larsen 27th May John Larsen & Bridget Donahue J.H. Bekkers
3 Mary Elisa of Richard Dalton & Bridgit Kearney 28th May Marten Skane & Mrs Ellen Skane J.H. Bekkers
9th Mary Ellen of Maurice OConner & Marguerit 22 nd inst Mrs Marguerit Oneil & J.H. Bekkers
10th Patrick Henry of John Kearney & Elisa Malay 5th inst Charles Gornely & Mary Hain J.H. Bekkers
10th Catherin of Thomas Shannon & Honora Nevin 16th May Michael Shannon & Catherin Shannon J.H. Bekkers
10th Francis oof Patrick Huney & Mary Kearney 4th inst Patrick Daly & Ellen Jane Flinn J.H. Bekkers
24th George Thomas of Pierce Welsh & Marguerit Grant 20th May John Quick & Mrs Ellen Skain J.H. Bekkers
24th Agnes of Timothy Meahun & Mary Hill 16th inst Patrick Doroun & Mrs Catherine Clark J.H. Bekkers
24th Dennis of Michael McCarty & Elisa Fanell 18th inst Michael Savage & Mrs Mary Savage J.H. Bekkers
24th Lilly Ellen of Michael Doughty & Bridgit Feeny 6th inst John Dougerty & Sallie Larsen J.H. Bekkers
26th Mary Ann of Francis Dillon & Johanna Listen 19th inst Thomas ODay & Marguerit ODay J.H. Bekkers
July 3rd Mathew of Mathew McNamara & Bridgit Williams 19th April John Hoolihan & Mrs Bridgit Hoolihan J.H. Bekkers
22nd Mary Ann of Patrick Ryan & Ann Sheeran 5th int John Ryan & Mrs Cathrin Larsen J.H. Bekkers
22nd Elisabeth of Patrick Griffen & Kate Lovett 26th June Timothy Cahill & Mrs Mary Cahill J.H. Bekkers
22nd Ellen of Michael Foley & Mary Shane 3rd inst John Parker & Elisabeth Donehue J.H. Bekkers
22nd Marguerit of Michael McLuinn & Ellen Hoolihan 4th inst Michael Kelly & Kate Hoolihan J.H. Bekkers
24th Charles of James Gormely & Alice Kearney 20th inst Hugh Dougerty & Rose Sweaney J.H. Bekkers
2nd Marguerit of Patrick Moire & Mary Sergeson 30th July Edward Sergeson & Maggie Hoolihan J.H. Bekkers
5th John Henry of John McCann & Mary While 20th May John Donnelly & Maggie Kearney J.H. Bekkers
15th Mary of Timothy Anglen & Johanna Foley 13th inst Timothy Foley & Cathrin McCarty J.H. Bekkers
24th Michael of John Harrington & Johanna Haley 22nd inst Edward Welch & Mrs Ellen Fitzgerald J.H. Bekkers
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