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[image. tilted note that says: In January we published 40 per cent more catalogues than we did in 1894, but there has been so great a demand for them that we have been compelled to get out this large second edition, but regret to say that we were unable to have the colored plates and covers made in time for them.]


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Seven Grand Roses.

On the front cover of our catalogue we illustrate the seven grand varieties described below. Remember, our colored plate of roses shows them only one-third of the natural size. They are of such exquisite beauty that our representation can give but a faint idea of their rare beauties, and all should see them in order to more fully appreciate their charms. We have reduced prices, and this year offer strong plants at prices named, by mail postpaid.

No. 1. EMPRESS AUGUSTA VICTORIA- The finest white rose in existence for summer blooming, and one of the greatest acquisitions of recent years. It is a true "Tea Rose," soft pearly white, remarkably fragrant, a strong, healthy grower, with bold, beautiful foliage. The habit is free; the beautiful, perfectly shaped flowers are borne in profusion on long graceful stems, so that it will be invaluable for cut flowers. Professional florists have been quick to perceive the great value of this peerless variety, and it is now more eagerly sought after than almost any rose on the market. It is a continuous bloomer, the buds being of elegant perfect shape, while the full, open flower is unsurpassed and shows no center. Very fragrant. Each 25c, 5 for $1.00.

No. 2. CHAMPION OF THE WORLD- A remarkable new sort, which combines the most desirable qualities. It has stood the severe winters of Vermont in the open ground without the slightest protection. It is the champion bloomer, commencing to bloom as soon as potted from the propagating bench, and continues in the greatest profusion all the time. It is claimed that one plant of it will produce more flowers during the year than ten plants of any Tea rose. Plants which have bloomed all summer in the garden may be potted in the autumn and will immediately start new growth and bloom all winter in the window. Blossoms are perfectly double to the center, of good shape, both in bud and blossom, while its color is a degree of loveliness which few roses can equal, being a rich, deep rosy pink. Each 20c, 6 for $1.00.

No. 3. NEW RAINBOW- This new rose from California, which no doubt will be extensively planted, was awarded a silver cup by the State floral society. The color is a lovely shade of deep coral pink striped and mottled in the most unique manner with intense crimson, and elegantly colored with rich golden amber at center and base of petals. It makes beautiful buds, and the flowers are extra large, very sweet, and of great depth and substance. It is a most charming new variety. Each 20c. 6 for $1.00.

No. 4. DWARF MARECHAL NEIL-(Our Perle)-Poets never tire of singing the praises of Marechal Neil, the most famous of all roses. Its magnificent golden yellow buds are worn the world over, and the people always delight in it. This grand dwarf variety is of the easiest culture and sure to succeed for everyone. It is a sturdy, vigorous grower, strong and healthy, but shows no inclination to climb. The flowers are produced in the greatest profusion, and it blooms almost continuously the year round if well cared for. The buds are of the most beautiful golden yellow, perfectly formed and handsomely pointed, and of the largest and most massive size, the petals being slightly reflexed. The color always has a peculiar softness and delicacy not observed in any other variety. Unusually fragrant. Each 15c, 8 for $1.00.

No. 5. SOUVENIR DE WOOTON--This superb rose is unquestionably one of the finest varieties ever introduced for either summer or winter blooming. The color is a beautiful shade of velvety crimson, equal to the noted General Jacqueminot, deliciously fragrant, a constant and most prolific bloomer, every new shoot forming a flower bud. It is a very vigorous grower, and the full open flowers are frequently six inches in diameter. It has proved hardy in the open ground as far north as southern Iowa. Each 20c, 6 for $1.00.

No. 6. CLOTHILDE SOUPERT- A charming variety which should be in the collection of every lover of roses. It originated with one of the largest firms of rose growers in Europe, by a hybridization of a Tea and Polyantha rose, thus giving it the large flower and strong growth of the Tea class added to the profuse flowering of the Polyantha. It makes a handsome symmetrical bush fifteen to eighteen inches high. The flowers are large, very double, of perfect shape, the outer petals are pearly white, shading to a center of rosy pink. It is fragrant and a constant bloomer. Sure to become a favorite, either for pot plants or garden bedding. Each 15c, 8 for $1.00

No. 7. ROSA WICHURIANA- This novelty from Japan is a trailing species of very rapid growth, making a closely matted bed of very dark green foliage. The leaves are quite small, nearly round, shining and nearly evergreen. The flowers are produced in greatest profusion in July, after the June roses are past, and more sparingly throughout the season. They are single, pure white, with golden yellow stamens, from seven to nine inches in circumference, with a strong and sweet fragrance. It is an invaluable variety for beds, banks, rockeries, and beautiful, appropriate and enduring for cemetery use, not only when covered with its exquisite flowers, but also for its rich carpet effect up to the very last of the season. It will be wanted by everyone when known. It is perfectly hardy and requires no care after being planted. Each 20c, 6 for $1.00

No. 8. SOLANUM JASMINOIDES GRANDIFLORUM- This beautiful new plant is of trailing or climbing habit, but if desired can be cut back a bush form. It has star shaped flowers, something like a clematis, and borne in large clusters or panicles frequently a foot across. They are in color a pure white with violet tinge on the back; it is equally a good bloomer in summer and winter, and is wonderfully effective when planted to cover a low wall or trellis, showing hundreds of magnificent panicles of bloom. The blooms remain perfect for a long time before fading. Each 15c, 8 for $1.00.

COLLECTION- One good strong plant each of the above seven roses and the Solanum will be sent postpaid for only $1.00. 6 collections for $5.00.

Fruit and Vegetables on Back Cover.

[Image. An anchor with 'CHOICE,' 'IOWA SEEDS,' 'TESTED AND TRUE,' AND 'IOWA SEED CO. DES MOINES' written on it.]

REDFIELD RASPBERRIES - This grandest fruit novelty of the year we are pleased to offer our customers this season, as it has never before been offered for sale, and can be obtained only from us. It originated near the town of Redfield, Iowa, and is doubtless a cross between the Turner and Mammoth Cluster. It is somewhat similar to Shaffer's Collosal in color and shape, but there the resemblance ceases. The canes are very vigorous and unusually free from thorns or spines, being, in fact, quite smooth. The foliage is similar to the Turner, yet it propagates from the tips like the cap varieties. It throws up a great many branches of fruit from the old canes; and in our trial grounds, beside a great many old and new sorts, it yielded three to four times as much fruit as any of them. In fact, the field where they were grown was so red with fruit when viewed from a distance as to suggest the name Redfield, even had it originated in some other locality. But the crowning features of all are the unequaled flavor, which is superior to all others, and the fact that the berry is of unusually large size and holds together well instead of crumbling like the Shaffers. This holding of its shape is a grand point for market or canning, and will be appreciated by housewives. The canes do not grow as long as Shaffers, but are lower and heavy and better able to stand hard storms. It is perfectly hardy having never been injured in the slightest, even when the temperature went to 32° below zero. Don't fail to try it this year. Each 50c. postpaid, or 10 for $4.00 by express.

IOWA SEED CO.' S MARKET GARDENERS' BEET- This has proved to be the best general purpose beet in cultivation, and we cannot tire in sounding its praises. The illustration on the cover of this catalogue well shows its shape and color, and a description of it will be found on page 4. Don't fail to try it. Pkt. 10c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c. lb. $2.00.

NEW ASTRO CUCUMBER- This novelty has created great interest among the market gardeners and private families for several years, and made many friends. It is the largest variety that we have ever seen, with common outdoor culture growing to a length of fifteen to twenty inches, and very smooth. Its shape is well shown by our illustration. Vine a vigorous grower and very productive, producing fruit throughout the season. They are of far superior flavor to the common sorts, a clear white flesh, crisp, tender, brittle, and free from that noxious "green taste"; they are almost solid meat, being nearly seedless, and the seeds will always be high in price. Its great value, however, is to the market gardener for growing in hot-beds or greenhouse, as they make a quick crop and sell readily for $1.00 per dozen on the market. Pkt 10c. six pkts. for 50c.

IOWA MASTODON MELON- The most extraordinary new variety which has been offered for many years and will create a sensation wherever seen-and we control the entire stock, so that you cannot purchase it elsewhere this year. It is from Japan, and just a few seeds were sent to a friend over in this country. This friend knew of our interest in novelties and brought in specimens of the melon. One weighed 23 1/2 pounds and the other 25 pounds. We at once secured the entire crop, although but a few vines. The melons are of monstrous size, and greatly resemble the common Yankee field pumpkin; so nearly, in fact, as to even deceive us at first sight. The flesh is a clear, creamy white and fully three and one-half inches thick and of excellent flavor. The flesh is tender and sweet up to the rind, which is thin and tough. Owing to the hail and drouth this year our crop was nearly a failure, and we have such a small quantity of seed that this year we can only offer them in packets of fifteen seeds each at 25c. per packet. We desire to have as many of our customers try them as possible, but fear that the supply will be exhausted before the season is over and should this be the case we will return money sent us for it.

PICTURE ROCK TOMATO-Many enthusiastic growers pronounce this the handsomest of all tomatoes. Fruit bright scarlet, of fair size and so perfect and uniform that they look as though each one was molded with the same stamp. On account of this perfect shape and great beauty it is unsurpassed for market. Commences to ripen its fruit VERY EARLY, and continues bearing till frost. Keeping qualities are, however, the most wonderful. Ripe fruit picked from the vines have been kept in perfect condition for three to four weeks during warm summer weather. It makes a handsome appearance in the market, and we are sure market gardeners will appreciate it. Its quality is extra fine, best flavor, solid, and few seeds. Pkt. 10c, oz. 35c, 1/4 lb. $1.00.

NEW ZEALAND SPINACH- Another year adds greatly to our good opinion of this variety, and if the people only knew what a grand vegetable it was, no garden would be without it. From seed sown in the spring, we began using the spinach in May and it was in good condition every day of the summer and until the first of November. It withstands the hot summer weather and drouth perfectly, and kept up a vigorous growth when all other vegetation was wilting. Seed should be sown about May first where plants are to stand, or may be started early in a hot-bed and transplanted to two or three feet apart each way. One plant will cover a space three or four feet square, but they will stand frequent clipping and seem to grow the faster for it. The leaves are eaten boiled, like the other kinds, but are of superior flavor; and liked by some who cannot eat common spinach. We hope that all our customers will give the New Zealand spinach a trial. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 30c, lb. $1.00.

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ELLIS T. PEIRCE, President. M. KURTZWEIL, Vice-President.


M.L. PAGE, Secretary. CHAS. N. PAGE, Treas. and Mgr.

OFFICE OF Iowa Seed Company, 613-615 LOCUST STREET. Des Moines, Iowa, January 1, 1895.

[image: Our New Store- 44x132 feet.]

To Our Friends and Customers:

In presenting this, our twenty-fifth annual catalogue, we wish to most heartily thank you for the orders which you have sent us. At the beginning of this, our quarter-centennial year, we are inclined to take a retrospective view. This business was started in a small way by the late Mr. S. L. Fuller, and five years later, when the present manager began his labors, it was beginning to be known outside of this locality, but we received only 300 to 500 orders per year, while now that many orders at a single mail is a common occurence during the busy season, and our CHOICE IOWA SEEDS are well known in every state and territory as well as in a great many foreign countries, and are considered by our customers "The best in the world." From the few hundreds of plain sixteen-page catalogues we first sent out, our list has grown until we now issue as fine a catalogue as there is published in the world, with four or five exceptions, and this catalogue will doubtless be seen by half a million persons. Doubtless many of our friends, and we consider all of our customers personal friends, will be interested in our new buildings, shown on this page, which were erected this year, and you will notice what is said about them on page 17. We claim to now have the best and most conveniently arranged seed store in the west. Call and see us when in the city.

Iowa is truly the garden spot of the United States, and the soil and climate is peculiarly adapted to the growing and maturing of seed crops. Many of the best posted and most particular eastern seed firms now have seed grown here for them, and we also ship to some of the large European dealers. To western planters we would suggest the advisability of ordering direct from us, instead of sending east. For nearly a quarter of a century we have been located here, and have devoted much time and labor to testing, experimenting, selecting and improving our various choice strains of seed. If you think our years of practical study of varieties suitable to this locality would be of value to you, we solicit your orders and will do our best to please you. The crop of many kinds of seeds is very short, but we have done our best to keep prices down.

If times are hard and money is scarce this year, you should secure a good supply of seeds, put in a few hours spare time, and become a producer of the actual necessities of the family in the vegetable line, and if you have sufficient ground raise a surplus to sell in exchange for groceries, etc. If you want profitable employment during the winter and spring months, we can make it pay you to talk to your neighbors for us. Write for TERMS TO AGENTS.

NOVELTIES.- We devote considerable space each year to testing the various so-called novelties offered by the seed dealers of this and other countries, and whenever we discover anything desirable we offer it to our customers. In each department of this catalogue we offer a number of well tested novelties, which we are sure will prove satisfactory.

FARMERS.- It will pay every farmer to thoroughly examine our field seed department. This is a specialty with us and we believe that there is no seed firm in the country which gives more close attention to growing and handling farm seeds. We have many desirable new sorts, and it will pay you well to renew your seed corn, oats, etc., with better and more profitable varieties. Iowa grown seeds are the best.

Again thanking you for past favors, and respectfully soliciting a continuance of your patronage, we remain, Your friends, IOWA SEED COMPANY. SUGGESTIONS TO CUSTOMERS.

[image. Warehouse A.]

ORDER EARLY.- The best time to order is just as soon as you receive this catalogue, as we can always give your orders more of our personal attention if they come in before the rush of the spring trade. Please use the order sheet, as it makes it more convenient for us in filling orders. Terms are invariably cash with order, as we keep no book accounts in our mail order department, and the expense of sending goods C. O. D. is quite large. Postage stamps received as cash.

SHIPPING DIRECTIONS.- In ordering, please state whether it will be convenient for you to receive your goods by express, and if so name your nearest express office, as all orders weighing two pounds and upward will be forwarded by express if possible. There are five express companies and fifteen railroads centering at Des Moines, so that quick shipments can be made to any town in the United States.

CHARGES PREPAID.- All seeds, bulbs and plants, except those noted, are sent prepaid by mail or express by the quickest and most direct route, unless ordered otherwise, and we guarantee their safe arrival. Seeds sold by the peck or bushel, field seeds, potatoes, implements, and other heavy goods, are sent by freight or express, purchaser paying charges.

TESTING.- All seeds are carefully tested, and nothing sent out which we do not believe to be good in every respect.

OUR PRICES.- Our constant aim is to make the highest quality the first consideration, and next to put our prices as low as good reliable seeds can be sold.

DISCOUNTS.- ON ALL ORDERS FOR SEEDS IN PACKETS the purchaser may select twenty-five cents' worth extra for each one dollar sent us. This refers only to seeds in packets, not in bulk. For other discounts see heading of the respective classes of goods. Each year we put up thousands of packets of seeds for free distribution among our customers, by adding liberally of them to orders. We will allow you a discount of ten cents per pound on vegetable seeds, such as are listed as prepaid, if you are willing to have them sent by express or freight at your expense.

SMALL ORDERS.- If you only want a single packet, do not hesitate to send for it. We take as much pains to fill small orders promptly and correctly as we do large ones.

WHAT WE GUARANTEE.- That all money sent us for seed shall reach us if sent by registered letter, P. O. or express money order or bank draft, made payable to our order. That your order will be filled promptly and well. That goods ordered will reach you safely. KEEP A COPY of your order. Frequently persons think that they have ordered articles which they have omitted, and blame us for not sending them.

[image: pointing hand]

NOTICE.- The importance of GOOD SEEDS cannot be overestimated, and we are certain that after a trial all our customers will agree that our seeds are the purest and best to be had. Still, when it is considered how many are the contingencies on which the success of any crop depends, our customers will readily see that it would be sheer folly for anyone to warrant them to produce a perfect crop, and we want it distinctly understood that while we exercise the greatest care to have all seeds pure and reliable, and also true to name, we do not give any warranty, express or implied. If the purchaser does not accept the seeds on these terms and conditions, they are to be returned at once, and money that has been paid for the same will be refunded. No officer, agent or employee of this company is authorized to make any warranty whatsoever. However, we have so much confidence in our seeds that we hereby agree to refill any retail order for vegetable or flower seeds free of charge should they prove otherwise than as we represent them. We know of no responsible seed firm in the world who guarantees seeds any further than this. Compare with other seed catalogues and you will find that we are right.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY.- As this book will probably go into the hands of many who are unacquainted with us, this question will naturally arise, and in answer to the same we refer you by permission to the Valley National Bank of this city, to the postmaster, and any of the various express companies.

MARKET GARDENERS and others who buy VEGETABLE SEEDS IN BULK to the amount of $5.00 of more, are requested to send for our Market Gardeners' Price List. This list for market gardeners is intended only for large buyers, and is exclusively for those who order vegetable seeds alone by weight or measure amounting to $5.00 or over. Club orders which call for this amount of bulk seeds altogether are entitled to these prices.


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BEANS.--Dwarf Bush Varieties. One quart will plant one hundred feet of drill. Dwarf or Bush beans require no support, and should be planted in drills an inch and a half deep and drop the beans three inches apart in the drills. Beans are tender annuals, and cannot be planted till danger of frost is past. Keep clean, but do not hill up or hoe when wet. A sandy loam is the best. The half-pint packages will be found very desirable for small families. We furnish pints at one-half the quart price. Crop was almost a failure on many varieties of beans this year. Price includes postage. See special prices by the peck and bushel on page 29.

JACKSON WONDER LIMA. -A dwarf variety growing from 18 to 30 inches high, immensely productive and very early. Pods broad and flat containing three or four beautiful variegated flat beans, similar in shape to the well known Lima, and in the dry state as shell beans can be used the same as the Lima, but when the pods are young they make excellent snap beans. It is not waxy, hence cooks easily and quickly, in fact fills all the requirements for a good garden variety as well as a field sort. Per pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 75c.

BURPEE'S BUSH LIMA.- A dwarf or bush form of the true large Lima which is of great value. There is no reason now why western farmers should not raise all the Lima beans they require for their own use as well as for sale. They are perfect bush form, growing 18 to 20 inches high, of stout and erect growth, yet branching and vigorous. An immense yielder, each bush bearing 50 to 200 handsome large pods, well tilled with very large beans of luscious flavor. Does not always mature dry shelled beans in this latitude, but you are sure of a good crop of green ones. Try it. Per pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 30c, qt. 85c.

DREERE'S BUSH LIMA.-A dwarf growing form of the old Dreer's Lima or Potato Lima, which was quite popular a few years ago. It is also called Kumerle's Bush Lima. Compared with the Henderson's, this bean in its green state is fully double as large and yields abundantly. One plant send in had 185 pods on. Does better on dry, sandy soil, owing to its heavy foliage. Is of the best flavor. Per pkt, 10c, 1/2 pt. 30c, qt. 85c.

HENDERSON'S BUSH LIMA.-Another year adds to our high opinion of this really remarkable variety. It grows in compact bush form and produces enormous Lima beans which can be easily gathered as the common garden bush bean; is at least two weeks earlier than any of the climbing Limas, produces a continuous crop from the time it comes into bearing (fit for table in this latitude by about July 15) until frost. Enormously productive; a very small patch will supply a family with this splendid vegetable throughout the season. Pkt. 5c. 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c.


BLUE-PODDED BUTTER.-This is one of the most remarkable and strikingly odd novelties in beans ever introduced. The compact, bushy plants grow only twelve inches high and bear abundantly. The leaves and stems are of a bright purple color, which becomes more intense as the season advances and form, when covered with the pinkish-purple flowers and rich deep-blue pods, a most showy, blackish-purple bush. The entire pods cook a rich green, are very tender, stringless and of a rich delicious flavor. Supply of seed very short. Per pkt. 10c.

SCARLET RUNNER.-This is a pole or climbing variety, but we want to call special attention to it here as its sale should be widely extended. It has highly ornamental foliage, and beautiful blossoms and pods, which are fit for wear as corsage bouquets when small. It is a prime favorite with all who are acquainted with its merits, but it is, comparatively speaking, so little known that we give it prominence, knowing as we do that everyone who tries it will be delighted. It is not only exceedingly ornamental, but of the highest usefulness, as the beans, which are very large are of the very best flavor and quality, and no bean excels the Scarlet Runner for use as a shelled or dried bean. It is richer than the Lima. The vine is so graceful and of such rapid growth as to render it one of the best for arbors, etc. The flowers are in color a brilliant scarlet, and are borne very profusely until frost comes. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 70c.

Burpee's Bush Lima bean was a grand success with me this year. They are early and have a well filled pod. JOHN P. NELSON, Onawa, Iowa.





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WARDWELL'S DWARF KIDNEY WAX.--Earlier, better, more productive, than Golden Wax; rust-proof, vigorous, pods large, showy, tender and stringless, excellent flavor and good either for snap or shell. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c.

IMPROVED GOLDEN WAX.--Possesses all the good points of the old Golden Wax, but is larger in pod and much more prolific. This improved stock is one of the handsomest beans we have ever seen, pods of dark, rich, golden yellow color and of perfect shape. It is of good quality, showing no string or coarseness, but is of tender, melting flavor at all stages of its growth. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c.

CURRIE'S RUST-PROOF WAX.--It is positively rust-proof. While grown side by side for several years with other Wax beans, all of them more or less affected, many of them completely ruined by rust, this bean has remained entirely free from it. Exceedingly crisp and tender, and of a most delicious flavor. As early as the Golden Wax, and it is, moreover, amazingly productive. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c.

WHITE WAX.--Pods waxy, yellow, very tender. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c.

BLACK WAX.--One of the most popular varieties with all market gardeners. Pods fleshy, waxy yellow, tender. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c.

EARLY MOHAWK.--Very early and will stand more cold weather than most bush varieties. For this reason it is desirable for early planting. It is an old variety of established reputation. Pods five to six inches long. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 12c, qt. 35c.

YOSEMITE MAMMOTH WAX.--Pods frequently attain a length of ten to fourteen inches, with the thickness of a man's finger, and are nearly all solid pulp, the seeds being very small when the pods are fit for use. The pods are a rich golden color and are absolutely stringless, cooking tender and delicious. This is the Wax bean for family or market purposes. It is enormously productive, as many as 50 of its monster pods having been counted on one bush. Per pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 70c.


EARLY REFUGEE, OR THOUSAND TO ONE. Most prolific green podded sort, thick and fleshy. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 12c, qt. 35c.

LARGE WHITE MARROW.--Excellent as a shelled bean; cooks in twenty minutes. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 12c, qt. 35c.

DWARF HORTICULTURAL.--Has all the good qualities of the old Horticultural Pole and is much easier to cultivate, because of being a dwarf variety. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c.

[picture] bean and plant [\picture] LAZY WIFE'S POLE BEAN

YOSEMITE MAMMOTH One-half of a pod, showing size and fleshy thickness of this monster Wax beans.

IMPROVED EARLY VALENTINE.--About ten days earlier than the common Early Valentine. In addition to this, it is more robust and vigorous, and produces the true, round, curved pods very abundantly. Unexcelled in quality and uniformity of ripening, nearly the whole crop can be taken at one picking, usually within thirty-five days from time of planting. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 40c.

CALIFORNIA BRANCH, OR PROLIFIC TREE.--This is quite a valuable variety for field culture; grows about twenty inches high, has stiff, upright branches, and bears immensely, sometimes yields forty-five bushels to the acre. The beans closely resemble the White Navy. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 40c.

[sign] Remember we pay the postage on the beans at these prices. Deduct 15 Cts. On each quart if to be sent by express.[\sign]

The Lazy Wife's bean is the best we have ever tried. All other seeds were good. JAMES L. BIRCHARD, Griggsville, Ill.

POLE BEANS. One quart will plant 100 to 150 hills.

These succeed best on clay loams, which should be liberally enriched with short manure in the hills, which are formed according to the variety, from three to four feet apart. From five to six seeds are planted in each hill, about two inches deep. After planting all beans be sure and firm the ground, either with feet or roller.

[picture] bean plant. IMPROVED VALENTINE.[\picture]

LAZY WIFE'S.--The very best late green-podded pole bean. The pods are of a medium dark green color, broad, thick, very fleshy, and entirely stringless. The pods retain their rich, tender and stringless qualities until nearly ripe, and at all stages are unsuprassed for snap shorts, being peculiarly luscious. Each pod contains from six to eight round, white beans, which make excellent winter shell beans. They have also yielded well planted among corn. Per pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 70c.

KING OF THE GARDEN LIMA.--While the dried beans are about the same size as the common large Lima; the green beans are of unusual size. The pods are very long, and frequently contain four to six very large beans. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 55c.

LARGE WHITE LIMA.--Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c.

SCARLET RUNNER.--A favorite snap bean in Europe, valuable for table use or as an ornamental vine. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 70c.

CUT SHORTS.--The old-fashioned corn-field bean, which is so popular and often so difficult to obtain. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 65c.

WHITE DUTCH CASE KNIFE.--Good green-podded variety. Per pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 45c.

YARD LONG.--A great curiosity, and withal a bean of excellent quality. Pods three feet long and highly ornamental. Tender and of asparagus flavor. Pkt. 10c.

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