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YELLOW PLUM.--Good for preserving and pickling; plum shape, solid and smooth. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00.
FAVORITE.--Large, smooth, and very prolific. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c.
RED CHERRY.--Perfectly round and smooth, about the size of a cherry, handsome and fine for pickles or preserves. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00.
RED CURRANT.--Quite ornamental, resembling long bunches of currants. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00.
PERFECTION.--Somewhat larger than the Acme, ripens all over and through at the same time, is free from rot at the blossom end. We consider this one of the best tomatoes of its class. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c.
CARDINAL.--A large grand tomato. The fruit is smooth, of a deep cardinal color, with flesh of the same rich hue, without a green core, very thick and solid, ripens evenly, has no green spots or ends, is a good keeper, and hence is a good shipper, matures at the same time as the Trophy, a vigorous grower and very productive. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 70c.
GOLDEN QUEEN.--We have tested many yellow tomatoes, of which the Golden Queen has proved decidedly the best. The tomatoes are of large size, handsome, round shape, very smooth, free from ridges, and ripen up evenly, mature early and are very productive. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 85c.
STRAWBERRY.--See Ground Cherry, page 12. Pkt. 5c.
PURPLE HUSK.--See description on page 12. Pkt. 10c.
MIXED TOMATOES.--For the advantage of some of our customers who would like to try all kinds, we have prepared this mixture of all kinds named above and several others. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 30c.
SLICED TOMATOES.--Alternate slices of red and yellow tomatoes make one of the most ornamental dishes that can be put on a table. The Cardinal and Golden Queen are especially nice for this purpose. Try them this year.


DWARF CHAMPION. Its habit of growth is peculiar, for not only is it dwarf and compact, but the stem being thick, stiff and short jointed, it is actually self-supporting when laden with fruit. In productiveness it is unsurpassed. It is also very early. The fruit is of a purplish pink color, always smooth and symmetrical, and the flesh solid and of fine quality. Can almost be called a tree tomato. The best variety to grow for plants for sale as they are so stocky. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c.
ATLANTIC PRIZE.--Very popular with some market gardeners on account of its extreme earliness. Some of our Des Moines market gardeners say that this is the only variety they have ever grown which produced a good crop from the first set of blooms on plants, thereby netting them high prices. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c.
ACME.--Early, medium size, smooth, solid and productive. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c.
TROPHY.--One of the largest and best, fine quality, medium early, heavy and solid, great favorite. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c.


We make it a rule to carefully test all seeds as soon as received from the grower, or as soon as they are brought in from our seed farms. Frequent tests are also made during the spring season of any varieties which are liable to decrease in vitality, so as to be certain that everything is first class before it is sent out. We also carry on extensive trials on our grounds by which we are enabled to offer only those strains of seeds which come up to the standard of purity and excellence, and are of the highest vitality. These tests are very satisfactory to us and to our customers. Our method of testing attracts considerable attention in our store, as all the seeds in the tester are in sight and our customers can see any which fail to germinate as well as those which are of strong vitality. We know of no seed firm in America which is so careful and critical with their seed testing, and the result is that we very rarely have complaints as our CHOICE IOWA SEEDS are sure to please.

These low prices are for purchasers of large lots, they to pay freight or express charges. One-half bushel will be sold at bushel rates and one-half peck at peck rates. Crops are very short, and beans, peas and corn are liable to advance in price later in the season. Better write for prices if you desire a large lot.

[column headings: PK. BU.]
Henderson's Bush Lima. $2.25. $8.00.
Burpee's Bush Lima. 4.00. 15.00.
Dreer's Bush Lima. 3.75. 14.00.
Jackson Wonder Lima. 3.50. 12.00.
Early Mohawk. 1.25. 4.50.
Refugee, or Thousand to One. 1.50. 5.00.
Dwarf Horticultural. 2.00. 7.00.
Improved Early Valentine. 1.40. 5.00.
Large White Marrow. 1.40. 5.00.
Wardwell's Kidney Wax. 1.75. 6.50.
Improved Golden Wax. 1.75. 6.50.
Black Wax. 1.75. 6.50.
White Wax. 1.75. 6.50.
Yosemite Mammoth Wax. 3.00. 10.00.
Currie's Rust Proof Wax. 2.00. 7.50.
California Branch or Prolific Tree. 1.25. 4.25.
Large Lima. 2.25. 8.00.
White Dutch Case Knife. 2.00. 7.00.
King of the Garden Lima. 2.25. 8.00.
Cut Shorts. 2.25. 8.00.
Lazy Wife's. 2.25. 8.25.
Extra Early Cory. 1.00. 3.25.
Early Minnesota. .90. 3.00.
Crosby's Early. .90. 3.00.
Perry's Hybrid. 1.00. 3.25.
Champion Early. 1.25. 4.00.
Shoe Peg. 1.25. 3.75.
Egyptian. .90. 3.00.
Stowell's Improved Evergreen. .90. 2.75.
Improved Ruby. 1.50. 4.50.
Mammoth Sweet. 1.00. 3.25.
Black Mexican. 1.25. 4.00.
Country Gentleman. 1.25. 4.25.
Acme Evergreen. 1.00. 3.50.
Fodder Corn (sweet). .75. 2.00.
POP CORN. (56 lb. bu.)
Page's New Striped Rice. 1.50. 5.00.
Monarch White Rice. 1.35. 4.50.
Queen's Golden. 1.35. 4.50.
Mapledale Prolific. 1.35. 4.50.
See pages 32, 33 and 34.
Reed's Early Prize. 1.75. 6.00.
Iowa's Extra Early Challenge. 1.40. 5.00.
Cleveland's Alaska. 1.50. 4.75.
First and Best. 1.25. 4.00.
Rural New Yorker. 1.25. 4.00.
Bliss American Wonder (scarce). 2.00. 7.50.
Laxton's Alpha. 1.50. 5.25.
Premium Gem. 1.50. 5.25.
Stanley. 2.25. 8.00.
Nott's Excelsior. 2.25. 8.00.
Telephone. 1.75. 6.00.
Bliss' Abundance. 1.25. 4.50.
Bliss' Everbearing. 1.50. 5.00.
Improved Advancer. 1.35. 4.50.
Yorkshire Hero. 1.50. 5.00.
Dwarf White Marrow. .90. 3.00.
Champion of England. 1.25. 4.00.
Stratagem. 2.00. 7.00.
Large White Marrow. .85. 3.00.
Black Eyed Marrow. .85. 3.00.
Dwarf Sugar (edible pods). 2.25. 8.00.
Field Peas--See Field Seeds.

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