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Prices for large quantities of any of these plants or roots will be given on application.

Well grown and lightly packed to carry long distances.
The fact that these plants are all grown under our direction from the choicest stocks of seeds from our store is sufficient recommendation as to the genuineness of the varieties. They can be shipped fresh, well packed at the beds, on a day's notice.
Plants quoted "by mail" are sent at our expense; "by express," at the purchaser's. By our system of packing they are sure to arrive in good condition when shipped to any part of the United States. No charge for either packing or boxes. Plants from hotbed or cold frame are ready during April and May. Outdoor grown, during June and until the middle of July. 500 at the 1,000 rate.
CABBAGE PLANTS.--Early Varieties.--Ready April 10th. Extra Early Express, Jersey Wakefield, All Seasons, Burpee's Allhead and Henderson's Early Summer. By mail, 100, 75c; by express, 100, 50c; 1,000, $3.50.
CABBAGE PLANTS.--Late Varieties.--Ready June 1st. Surehead, Chase's Excelsior, Premium Flat Dutch, and Short Stem Drumhead. By mail, 100, 75c; by express, 100, 40c; 1,000, $2.00.
CAULIFLOWER PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. Snowball and Erfurt. By mail, doz. 20c; 100, $1.25; by express, 100, $1.00; 1,000, $7.00.
CELERY PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. Henderson's Half Dwarf, White Plume, Golden Self-Blanching, and Pink Aromatic. By mail, doz. 20c; 100, $1.00; by express, 100, 60c; 1,000, $4.00. After June 20th, $3.00 per 1,000.
EGG PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. New York Improved. By mail, doz. 25c; by express, 100, $1.00.
PEPPER PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. Ruby King, Large Bell, and Red Cayenne. By mail, doz. 25c; 100, $1.00; by express, 100, 75c.
TOMATO PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. Strong transplanted plants. Dwarf Champion, Acme, Beauty and Matchless. By mail, per doz. 25c; 100, $1.00; by express, per 100, 75c; 1,000, $5.00.
SWEET POTATO PLANTS.--Ready May 1st. We make a specialty of supplying first class sweet potato plants, and we take great pains to send out only such as are strong, vigorous, well rooted and hardy. We can furnish either the Yellow Nansemond or Early Yellow Jersey. Prices vary with the season, but we will at all times make as low a price as we can. Write if you want a large lot. Price, by mail, 100, 60c; by express, per 100, 25c; 1,000, $2.00.

These may be planted early in the spring or in fall, setting the roots three feet apart each way. It requires but little labor to plant, and when once planted in good rich soil it will remain in bearing condition many years. By express, each, 10c; doz. 75c; 100, $4.50. By mail, 15c each.

For directions for planting, etc., see asparagus seeds.
CONOVER'S COLOSSAL.--One-year old roots. 100, 60c; 1,000 $4.50. Two-year old roots, 100, 75c; 1,000, $6.00.
PALMETTO.--Two-year old, per 100, $1.00; per 1,000, $8.00.
Above prices by express. If to be mailed, add 20c per 100 for one-year old, and 40c per 100 for two-year olds.

Plant at any time during spring, in rows two feet apart and about eighteen inches apart in the rows. By mail, per doz. 35c. By express, per 100, 75c; per 1,000, $6.00.


A species of onion propagated by offsets; used for flavoring soups, stews and other dishes. Divide a bulb in small parts, and plant them in early spring, in rows one foot apart, and from two to five inches between the plants in the rows. The crop matures in August when it is harvested like the onion.
GARLIC SETS.--Per lb. 40c, postpaid. By express., per lb. 30c.

The greatest hog food known.
This variety is not produced from seed. They are sometimes used as a table vegetable when pickled or as a salad, but their greatest value is for feeding stock. They are the best hog food known and are attracting much attention on account of their great fattening properties, great productiveness (over one thousand bushels having been grown on one acre), and ease with which they can be grown. They need not be dug in the fall; the hogs should be turned in on them, and will help themselves by rooting for them. One acre will keep from twenty to thirty head in fine condition from October until April, except when the ground is frozen too hard for them to root. They are also said to be a preventative of cholera and other hog diseases; and they are also highly recommended for milch cows, increasing the yield of milk and at the same time improving their condition. They are well adapted to any soil where corn or potatoes can be grown. Three bushels will seed an acre, and they should be cut the same as potatoes, one eye to a cut being sufficient, planted in April or May, in rows three feet apart and two feet in the rows, and covered about two inches deep. To destroy them they should be plowed under when the plant is about a foot high, at which time the old tuber has decayed and new ones are not yet formed. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c, postpaid. By freight or express, pk. 65c, bu. $2.00, bbl. of 3 bu. (enough for one acre) $4.50.


No garden should be without a few plants of this most valuable herb. It is a perennial and keeps growing larger each year. The first season a single plant will frequently cover a space three feet in diameter and produce a large amount of leaves, which are several times larger than the common sage and of superior quality. This variety cannot be grown from seed. Price, 3 plants for 25c, 7 for 50c, 15 for $1.00, postpaid.

Your sweet potato plants gave good satisfaction last year.
J. H. SCHULER, Dumont, Iowa.
The sweet potato plants I bought of you last year were fine.
MRS. C. BLANKENBURG, Estherville, Iowa.



Indispensible for early onions for bunching, as in a very few weeks they are ready for the table. Our sets are well grown and of the very best size and shape, and sure to please for either the family or market garden. Price by the pint and quart include prepayment of postage (deduct 15 cents per quart if by express.) Price by the peck and bushel is subject to market variations, and they are shipped at buyer's expense. We will at all times give customers the benefit of lowest prices on day order is received. If you want a large lot write for sample and lowest prices.
WHITE BOTTOM SETS.--The bottom onion sets grown from seed are the most popular of all and the finest for early use and large onions. The white are usually higher in price than the red or yellow as they do not keep over winter so well. Per pt. 25c, qt. 50c, pk. $1.50, bu. $5.00.
YELLOW BOTTOM SETS.--Like above except the color. Per pt. 25c, qt. 40c, pk. $1.25, bu. $4.25.
RED BOTTOM SETS.--Per pt. 25c, qt. 40c, pk. $1.25, bu. $4.25.

PERENNIAL OR WINTER.--Also called Egyptian and Tree onions. May be set out in spring, but are usually set in the fall. Highly valued by gardeners, as they produce the earliest spring onions, and after once set out require no other care, but come up year after year without the slightest winter protection. Per pt. 20c, qt. 35c, pk. $1.00, bu. $3.25.

RED TOP OR BUTTON SETS.--These are the old-fashioned sets still largely called for where the bottom sets are not known. Per pt. 25c, qt. 40c, pk. $1.65, bu. $6.00.
POTATO ONION SETS.--Valuable for early crop, as they mature quickly; mild and of sweet flavor. Per pt. 25c, qt. 40c, pk. $1.25, bu. $5.50.

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