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As the farm crop is more important to the general wellfare [welfare] of the country than any other, so the farm seed department should have the prominence in seed catalogues, but we regret to say that with most seedsmen it has very little attention. For about ten years past we have been talking to farmers in our catalogue, and by the means of articles written for the agricultural newspapers, until it has finally had its effect and western farmers are beginning to understand the advantages to be derived from changing their seed and starting anew with some of the best varieties of recent introduction. During the past year our trade in this department has been more than double what it ever was before. The yield of corn and all kinds of grain will be greatly increased, and the crop be more certain as the farmers become more particular about their seed. Realizing the vast importance of this branch of our business, we devote our careful attention to the growth and selection of the best farm seeds of all sorts. We are located in the heart of the great farming country, and our seed grain is grown especially for seed, in the section best suited to its development and perfect maturity. It is all carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned, of the best quality, and we sell at reasonable prices.
We take pride in our large and increasing trade in this branch of our business. With our improved machinery for cleaning, which is as perfect as any in the United States, we are enabled to clean seeds perfectly, far different from such as are commonly sold. The Nebraska Experiment Station tested clover seed from the leading seed firms of the country, and our seed stood the highest for purity of any west of Pennsylvania, and, with one exception, the highest of any in the United States.
Prices on clover, buckwheat and grass seeds are constantly varying with the season, therefore, please write for prices if you need any. We will at all times give orders benefit of lowest price on day they are received. Will take pleasure in mailing samples and quoting inside prices at any time on large orders.
NOTICE.--While we exercise the greatest care to have all seeds pure and reliable we do not give any warranty expressed or implied. Samples sent for testing if desired. There is no premium or discount on seeds in this department.
SHIPPING.--In this department everything that is quoted by the packet or pound is sent by mail postpaid; all large quantities, unless specially noted, are sent by express or freight, at the expense of the purchaser. Ten cents per pound can be deducted from pound rates, if wanted by express. Prices named include bags and delivering at depot here.

It costs less than twenty-five cents an acre to use our carefully selected and tested seed corn. Is it wise to risk doubtful corn when good seed is so cheap.
The varieties of field corn we offer are the best now in general use. They were grown especially for seed purposes, and were well matured, cured, carefully sorted by our seed corn experts, and shelled with great care. The value of the corn crop in Iowa alone would be increased two million dollars by an average increase of one bushel per acre, and it has been demonstrated that the crops can be fully doubled by planting some of our improved varieties. We are in the center of the best corn growing country of the world, where the soil and climate are peculiarly adapted to its culture, and we have given this branch of our business our most careful attention, until now we can say without fear of contradiction, that for the season of 1895, we have the best supply of seed corn ever offered by any seed firm in the world.
For many years seed corn has been a very important part of our business, and we are every year experimenting and searching for valuable new varieties until we think we have now the cream of all for this and other states of the same latitude. We warn Iowa farmers to beware of southern varieties, or those offered by seedmen elsewhere which have not been tested here. The necessity of planting the very best varieties is plain, and it will not pay you to experiment with the many sorts which we have tried and found worthless, nor to purchase from unscrupulous dealers. Some dealers last year, seeing the great success we had made in the seed corn trade, purchased common crib corn and sold it out untested and under fictitious names, and it made their customers a great amount of trouble. All our seed corn is very carefully tested, and none sent out that we are not certain will grow well under proper conditions. We do not warrant it, but we will mail samples for testing to prospective customers. If a large quantity is wanted ask for prices. No extra charge for bags.

Everyone who has tried it is enthusiastic in the praise of this splendid new variety which we introduced in 1892. Iowa is not called a gold mining state, but in this grand new variety farmers of this country will find a veritable mine of wealth. It has everywhere received the most cordial endorsement as the best and most profitable variety ever grown. This variety originated as follows: Five years ago a special premium offered brought sample ears of corn from several hundred farmers and seed growers and from these we chose the one which was most decidedly the best, and have been selecting and improving it until it is about as near perfection as corn can be made. It is early, ripening only a few days later than Pride of the North; ears are of good size and symmetrical; color a bright golden yellow, as handsome as a twenty dollar gold coin just from the mint; grain is very deep; cob small, and therefore dries out very quickly as soon as ripe. Seventy pounds of ear corn makes sixty to sixty-two pounds of shelled corn, and in hauling to market it weighs out five bushels more to the wagon load than common varieties in the same size wagon.
We have shelled selected ears of this variety which produced sixty-four pounds of shelled corn and only six pounds of cobs to the bushel. This is an unparalleled record. It can not be equaled by any other corn in the world. Thousands of our customers say they consider it the ne plus ultra in corn; that it would be impossible to attain any nearer perfection. We can most confidently recommend it as the acme of perfection and stake our reputation on its pleasing everyone who tries it. It will grade No. 1 in any market. We shall not be satisfied until every farmer in Iowa has seen this grand new variety.
One carload lot of four hundred bushels of Iowa Gold Mine corn was carefully weighed, and after shelling it was reweighed and there was just 456 bushels. Just think of it--A gain of 14 bushels to the 100!
Remember if you want pure Iowa Gold Mine corn, you must purchase it direct from us, as we have not furnished any to any other dealer in Iowa this year. Don't be deceived. If you purchase from your local dealer, insist on seeing that our label is in every bag, plainly marked Iowa Seed Company. We most highly recommend it to our customers in all parts of Iowa and other states in the same latitude. It matures perfectly up to the extreme northern tier of counties.
It will pay you to change your seed, and don't fail to at least see a sample of IOWA GOLD MINE before buying elsewhere. Per large package 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, pk. 65c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more at $1.65 per bushel, 10 bu. or more at $1.50 per bushel.

Last year and the year before we were obliged to return a large amount of money sent us by our customers for this corn. We think we have sufficient this year, but still it will pay you to send your order early, as there is sure to be an immense demand.

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