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Of vegetable seeds we are sure cannot be excelled either
in quality or selection by any firm in the country. We
exercise the greatest care in watching our growing
crops, and secure the best growers to produce for us
those varieties which can be grown to greater perfection
in other parts of the world, visiting the crop during
the growing season to make sure that it has been
kept isolated and is pure and true to name. In this department
w!ll be found only such varieties as have
proved after years or trial the best adapted to the soil
and climate of Iowa and the central states. Every kind
is recommended to our customers. When the selection
is left to us we will send such sorts as we know will do
well in your locality. Our packets are, we believe, as
well filled as any reliable seed dealer's in the United
States, and, in fact, a comparison has shown that they
contain more seed, on the average, than those of any
other firm whose packets we have secured. We pay the
postage at these prices, except on Beaus, Peas and Corn
at the peck or bushel rates.


A choice list of the best
novelties will be found
described on the colored
pages in the center of this book.

ARTICHOKE.-Ger. Artischoke

When traveling along the Pacific Coast last summer we found
that this was one of their leading vegetables there. It was found
on all the market stalls and is considered a great delicacy. It is a
perennial producing the large flower heads, which are the part
eaten, the second season and every year thereafter. The young
stalks are also sometimes tied and blanched like celery, but they
are not equal to the flower heads. Cook like asparagus and serve
with cream or butter sauce. Sow seed early in hot-beds or box in
the house, and when weather becomes settled transplant in rows
four feet apart and two feet in the row. When started early it
sometimes blooms the first year.

LARGE GREEN GLOBE.-The best variety for general use; buds
large; scales green, very thick and fleshy. Pkt.5c; oz.25c; 1/4 lb. 90c.

ARTICHOKE ROOTS.- These are an entirely different plant from
the above and used mainly for stock food. See description and
price 1n Farm Seed Department.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS.-Ger.Spresssen-Kohl
One ounce will produce about 3,000 plants.
Of the cabbage family, producing numerous heads on the stem of
most delicious quality, as well as a cabbage-like head at the top.
If you have never grown it, try it this year and you will be pleased.
Use and cultivation same as winter cabbage. Pkts. contain about 800 seeds.

AMERICAN MAMMOTH.-A new and greatly superior variety of American growth which forms
heads ready for picking about three weeks earlier than other varieties.
It has the additional merit of making stronger plants and more heads. A profitable crop
for market gardeners. Pkt.10c, oz.40c.
ENGLISH.- Per pkt.5c, oz.15c.

BROCCOLI.-Ger. Broccoli.
One ounce will produce about 3,000 plants.

Growth and habit like the Cauliflower, except that
it is more hardy, and the heads are not as compact.
Cultivate the same as Cauliflower.

EARLY PURPLE CAPE.-A popular sort; heads
well and is very hardy. Pkt.5c, oz. 30c.

EARLY LARGE WHITE.- Pkt.5c, oz.30c.

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ASPARAGUS.-Ger. Spargel.
One ounce will sow forty feet of drill.

Asparagus is so easily grown and such a large quantity is produced on a small
amount of ground that every garden should contain a bed.
A bed ten feet square requiring 50 plants will give an
abundant supply for any ordlnary family.
Soak the seeds 24 hours in tepid water; sow
early in spring, in rows a foot apart; keep
clean by frequent weeding and hoeing.
Ask for circular giving instructions for making asparagus bed.

COLUMBIAN MAMMOTH WHITE. - A new and entirely distinct variety, that produces
shoots which are white and stay white as long as fit for use.
It is more robust and vigorous in habit, and throws up larger shoots
and fully as many of them as Conover's Colossal and requires
no earthing up in order to furnish the white shoots so much sought after.
Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c.

PALMETTO.- Stalks frequently measure two inches in diameter, and, even
when twelve inches long, are perfectly tender when cooked.
Per pkt.5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c.

CONOVER'S COLOSSAL.-The standard variety.
Pkt.5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb.15c, lb. 40c.

ASPARAGUS ROOTS.-See list of vegetable plants.


BORECOLE, or KALE.-- Gen, Blatter-Kohl
One ounce will produce about 3,000 plants.

A hardier vegetable than cabbage; excellent greens
during winter and spring; splendid winter food for
poultry. Is improved by frost. Cultivate same as
Cabbage. For winter, sow in September, and treat as
Spinach, giving it a light covering of straw
or litter to protect from severe cold.


EXTRA CURLED MOSBACH.- Fine crimped leaves; light green color;
admirable for garnishing Best for cooking. Pkt.5c, oz.15c, 1/4lb. 40c, lb. $1.25.

·DWARF GERMAN GREEN.-Popular. Pkt.5c, oz. 10c, 1/4lb. 30c, lb.75c.


In comparing our prices with those of other dealers that we
prepay the postage on all vegetable seeds except on Peas,
Beans and Corn at the peck and bushel rates. We also prepay
the charges on flower seeds, flower plants, bulbs and most
other goods except where noted.

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