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Anniversary Rose Collection.

We this year celebrate our anniversary of a third century in the seed business and we want to make it the best season that we ever had. We have therefore gathered together some of the best novelties in all lines, things which we are sure everyone will want, and especially this rose collection, shown in colors on the front cover of this book, and as we have propagated many thousands of the roses we have made prices very low.

AMERICA.--One of the finest climbing roses ever sent out. It is a vigorous grower and the freest bloomer that we know of, blooming not only in the spring, like other sorts, but all summer and fall, and producing immense numbers of the large beautiful buds and flowers. Color a handsome blush white, shaded with creamy yellow at center. Each 20c. Strong large plants 40c each prepaid.

ENGLAND'S FAVORITE.--When traveling in northern England we were greatly impressed with this new rose. It is a very hardy, rapid climbing variety, the plants being well laden with flowers of medium size and peculiar color as shown on the cover of this book. The color of the flower is decidedly unique, being of a beautiful golden yellow, shading at the center to a decided copper color or reddish yellow, making a most rich combination of colors. It is a climbing tea rose of delightful fragrance as well as lovely color and combines so many good points that we are sure that every lover of roses will want several of them. We cannot say too much in its favor. Each 20c. Strong large plants 40c each prepaid.

ROGER LAMBERLIN.--The most exquisitely beautiful and rich colored rose ever sent out and in fact it is so very different from all other varieties that very few persons suspect that it is a rose. The petals are curiously fringed. Color rich, dark, glowing crimson, beautifully margined with white. Each 20c.

DORTHY PERKINS.--In its foliage, growth and habit of blooming in immense clusters it is remarkably like Crimson Rambler, but the flowers are more double and of a beautiful shell-pink color. It is of a quite upright habit, making a growth of ten to fifteen feet often in a single season. Very hardy and sure to be satisfactory. Each 20c.

HALLOWE'EN.--This charming new variety might well be called a striped Meteor Rose as it is of the same fine large size and perfect form as the Meteor, while the dark rich crimson color of each petal is freely and distinctly striped pure white and pink. The flowers are very double and bloom in endless profusion both in summer and winter. It is quite hardy and lives over winter in the open ground with but slight protection. This is the only distinctly striped ever blooming rose that we know of. It is a great beauty, has sweet fragrance and creates a sensation wherever seen. Each 15c.

SNOW FLAKE.--This lovely white tea rose is the freest flowering white rose we have ever seen and for a pot plant it cannot be excelled. On one plant 143 flowers and buds were counted in a single day and the plant was only nine months old. Everyone should have one of these elegant free blooming roses as there is no white rose which is superior to it. Each 15c.

The Entire Collection of Six Unequaled Roses for 75 Cents. Any 3 for 40 Cents.

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Almost every one in Iowa who uses seeds knows the Iowa Seed Company and our Choice Iowa Seeds are sown in every neighborhood in the state, but as this catalogue goes to many in all parts of the world who have not dealt with us, a few words about our business may help us to become better acquainted. This business was established in 1870--thirty-three years ago--and it has grown until now it occupies a very prominent place in the seed trade of the country.
The business has been under the same management for many years past, the present manager having been connected with the company for 26 years. During all this time we have been constantly in close touch with the farmers and gardeners and know what will prove the most satisfactory in the various localities. Success in the seed trade depends almost entirely on the confidence of the people, and our customers have learned that they can rely implicitly on us. What more can you ask? Please give us a trial order this year and test the superior merits of our Choice Iowa Seeds.

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The Iowa Seed Store is so well known in Des Moines that it would be difficult to find even a child in this city of 75,00 inhabitants who does not know its location. It occupies the large building at 613-615 Locust Street, within three or four blocks of the postoffice, express offices and principal railroad passenger stations. The large store room is full of interest to everyone who has a farm or garden, or who loves flowers, and the bird and gold fish department always interest the children. Here are also located the offices and correspondence department.
During our busy season last spring we received 2,000 to 5,000 letters every day and it required fifteen typewriters to answer the correspondence. We are always glad to have our customers call and examine our stock and manner of doing business. We have no secrets and freely invite everyone to inspect all departments.


Store and Office Iowa Phone........No. 600.
[Store and Office] Mutual Phone......No. 789.
Mail Order Dept. [Mutual Phone] No. 889.--2 rings.
Greenhouses [Mutual Phone] No. 736.--3 rings.
Warehouse [Mutual Phone] No. 889.
Managers Residence [Mutual Phone] No. 736.--2 rings.
Farm Office [Mutual Phone] No. 793.--3 rings.


Our trade has increased so constantly that in 1900 we were compelled to look for larger quarters and we purchased the ground at 208, 210, 212, South Eighth St., about six blocks from the s[t]ore and erected thereon a large building specially arranged to accommodate our rapidly growing trade. The railway tracks beside the building give us unexcelled facilities for handling carload lots, and we are centrally located between the various freight depots, so that small shipments can be made promptly. Our machinery is operated by four electric motors, and we claim that our mills for cleaning seeds cannot be surpassed. We can readily fill 3,000 to 4,000 orders per day, in this building, and they are handled in such a careful way that errors seldom occur. Most of our employees have been with us many years and appreciate the importance of each order, no matter whether small or large, and no "green hands" are permitted to handle seeds in bulk.
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NOTICE. These catalogues are quite expensive and should you receive more than one kindly hand the extra copy to some one interested in having a good garden. We will be glad to mail a copy of this book to any of your friends who wish it.


Last summer we secured a large tract of ground right in the city, convenient to electric street car line and fronting on Kingman Boulevard, one of the finest driving streets in the city. To this location we have moved our greenhouses and built much larger ones and are devoting twelve acres to flowers. There is no place equal to it we think in the entire west. The greenhouses which were built and are operated by the Iowa Seed Co. are devoted exclusively to growing plants for the mail order trade, and they contain a greater variety of plants than any other greenhouse in the west. Many hundred plant orders are filled daily during the busy season, all small plant orders being mailed direct from the branch postoffice nearby.
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SEEDS THAT GROW. It is not sufficient to be assured that seeds will grow, for weed seeds will grow. The important point is what will they produce. Vitality is important but quality is pre-eminent. Thousands of customers in all parts of the country agree that our seeds are unsurpassed if not superior to all others.

Iowa Printing Co., Printers, Des Moines, Iowa.

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