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Dwarf Bush Varieties.
One quart will sow 100 feet of drill.
Dwarf or Bush beans require no support, and should be planted in drills an inch and a half deep and drop the beans three inches apart in the drills. Beans are tender annuals, and cannot be planted until danger of frost is past. A sandy loam is the best. The half pint packages will be found very desirable for small families. We furnish pints at one-half the quart price. Packets contain about two ounces. Price includes postage except at peck and half-peck rates. Deduct 15c from quart rate if to be shipped by express.
EARLY PROLIFIC BROAD.--See novelties. Per pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 65c.
IMPROVED EARLY VALENTINE.--About ten days earlier than the common Early Valentine. In addition to this it is more robust and vigorous, and produces the true, round, curved pods very abundantly. Unexcelled in quality and uniformity of ripening, nearly the whole crop can be taken at one picking, usually within 35 days after planting. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 45c; by express or freight, 1/2 peck 75c, peck $1.35.


EARLY MOHAWK.--Very early and will stand more cold than most bush varieties. Vines large and stout with very large coarse leaves; will stand a slight frost. This variety is largely grown in the southern states for northern markets. The pods are from 5 to 6 inches long; the seeds, when ripe, drab color with purple spots. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 40c. By express, 1/2 pk. 70c, pk. $1.25.
STRINGLESS GREEN POD BUSH.--The only stringless green pod bush bean in cultivation. Consequently it surpasses all others in crisp, tender flavor. The finely shaped, long, green pods are absolutely stringless, and are ready to market two weeks earlier than the Valentines. It is of immense value, not only to the market gardener but also to the amateur who seeks a rare quality early for the home table. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by express, 1/2 pk. 85c, pk. $1.50.

IMPROVED GOLDEN WAX.--In spite of all the new sorts of beans being introduced every year, our trade calls for more Golden Wax than any other variety. This great popularity is due largely to the fact that the variety we have is a great improvement on the old Golden Wax having larger pods and being much more prolific. This improved stock is one of the handsomest beans we have ever seen, the pods being of dark, rich golden yellow color and of perfect shape. For family or market you can make no mistake in planting them. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by exp. 1/2 pk. 90c, pk. $1.60.
EARLY REFUGEE or THOUSAND TO ONE.--Most prolific green podded sort, thick and fleshy. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 45c; by express, 1/2 pk. 75c, pk. $1.40.
LONG YELLOW SIX WEEKS--Very early and prolific; long, green, tender, flat pods; matures quickly. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 40c; by express, 1/2 pk. 70c, pk. $1.25.
DAVIS WHITE WAX.--A new white, rustless, productive, wax-podded bean; pods flat, very long, white, straight and handsome; seeds clear white; excels all others in hardiness and productiveness. Valuable for market gardener's and canner's use. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by express, 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.


BURPEE'S BUSH LIMA.--A dwarf or bush form of the true large Lima which is of great value. They are of bush form, growing 18 to 20 inches high, of stout and erect growth, yet branching and vigorous. An immense yielder, each bush bearing from 50 to 200 handsome large pods, well filled with very large beans of luscious flavor. Does not always mature dry shelled beans in this latitude, but you are sure of a good crop of green ones. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c; by express 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25.
CHALLENGE BLACK WAX.--Earlier, more productive and of better quality than the old Black Wax. Pods tender, round, fleshy and stringless. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by express, 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.
CALIFORNIA BRANCH or PROLIFIC TREE.--This is quite a valuable variety for field culture. Grows about 20 inches high, has stiff, upright branches and bears immensely, sometimes yields 45 bu. per acre. The beans closely resemble the White Navy. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 12c, qt. 35c; by exp. 1/2 pk. 65c, pk. $1.15.

HENDERSON'S BUSH LIMA.--Grows in compact bush form, producing enormous crops of delicious Lima beaus which can be as easily gathered as the common garden bush bean; Is at least two weelts earlier than any of ttw climbing Limas, produces a
continuous crop from the middle of July until frost. Enormously productive. Pkt.5c,
Y. pt. 15c, qt. src; by express Y. pk. $1.10, pk. $2.00.


WARDWELL'S KIDNEY WAX.--One of the earliest. hardiest and most productive of all Wax Beans; a week earlier than the Golden Wax, yields one third more, and almost free from rust and spots. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by exp. 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.
SCARLET FLAGEOLET WAX.--The pods are often a foot in length, exceedingly succulent, stringless and tender. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c; by exp. 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.
LARGE WHITE MARROW.--Excellent as a shelled bean. The beans are ivory white and double as large as the Navy. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 40c; By exp. 1/2 pk. 70c, pk. $1.25.



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