POLE BEANS. Plant from five to six seeds in each hill, about two inches deep; one quart will plant 100 to 150 hills.

GOLDEN CLUSTER WAX--In our tests this has proved to be the best of all wax pole beans and for a number of years it has been the leading variety. It bears profusely its long golden-yellow pods in clusters of 3 to 6 from bottom to top of pole, and continues in bearing from the middle of July till the vines are cut by frost. This variety endures all kinds of weather, wet or dry. For market it excels all others. Pods are seven to eight inches long and three-fourths of an inch in width. Although the pods are quite flat, they are fleshy, absolutely stringless, and very brittle, while their flavor is delicious. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25. OLD HOMESTEAD--Enormously productive, the pods hanging in great clusters from top to bottom of pole. It is entirely stringless, and the pods are of a silvery green color, and cook tender and melting. Can be grown with corn to good advantage. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.10, pk. $2.00. LAZY WIFE'S.--This Pole Bean, for so long the favorite with Pennsylvania farmers, has become very popular. We presume it derived its name from its immense productiveness, and from the ease with which they are cooked. The pods, of medium dark-green color, are produced in great abundance, and measure from 4 1/2 to 6 inches in length. They are broad, thick, very fleshy and entirely stringless. The pods retain their rich, tender, and stringless qualities until nearly ripe. Each pod contains from six to eight round white beans, which make excellent winter shell beans. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25.

MAMMOTH HORTICULTURAL POLE.--Of the highest quality as a shell bean, either green or dry. Pods very large, bright carmine, lightly streaked, very handsome and exceedingly productive. Deserves more general planting. Similar in character to the London Horticultural, but larger in every way. The mammoth pods are striped and splashed with exceedingly brilliant crimson. The beans when fit for use of immense size. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c. By exp. 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25. WHITE DUTCH CASE KNIFE.--Yields an immense crop of handsome flat white beans of excellent flavor. Cooks easily. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.

SCARLET RUNNER--Valuable for table use, or as an ornamental vine. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c. By exp. 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25. KING OF THE GARDEN LIMA.--An improvement on Large White Lima, and the finest stock for market gardeners. When not closely planted they set their pods early at the bottom of the pole, producing a continuous bloom and fruitage to the end of the season. Pods of enormous size. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.10, pk. $2.00. CUT SHORTS--The old-fashioned cornfield bean, so popular and often so difficult to obtain. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 45c. By exp. 1/2 pk. 90c, pk. $1.60.

BEETS. One ounce sows 50 feet of drill; four to six pounds for one acre. For early, sow as soon as ground can be worked, and about the middle of May for general crop, in drills fifteen inches apart and one and a half inches deep. As the plants grow, thin to six inches in drills. The young plants make excellent greens. The seed will germinate more freely if soaked in warm water twenty-four hours before sowing; but care should be taken not to plant soaked seed in very dry ground. The soil should be a deep, rich loam.

EARLY CRIMSON GLOBE.--An extra choice table beet. See novelty list for description. Pkt. 10c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $1.50. COOPER'S MARKET KING.--A half long variety and will therefore yield more bushels per acre than any round sort. The roots are very symmetrical and of fine dark red color and very solid. Flesh is also dark red, fine grained and of excellent quality. It is a quick grower and also one of the best keeping sorts. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 30c, lb. $1.00. ECLIPSE.--This variety has become exceedingly popular and is one of the best early sorts. It possesses all the qualities requisite in a first class beet, and is of a uniform, globular shape. The roots are of a bright glossy red, fine-grained and delicious, with none of that earthy flavor so objectionable in many varieties. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c. LONG DARK BLOOD.--Our stock of this standard variety is greatly improved, smooth, sweet and tender. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c.

MARKET GARDENER'S.--The best and most profitable table variety. See description with novelties. Pkt. 10c, oz. 30c. DEWING'S IMPROVED BLOOD TURNIP.--An improvement on the old Early Blood Turnip. Globe-shape, deep blood-red color, fine flavor, a good keeper for main crop. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. SWISS CHARD, or SILVER BEET.--A distinct vegetable and much superior to the common beet for greens, which are produced soon after planting. Later the leaves grow very large, with broad, flat, beautiful white, wax-like stems and midribs, which may be cooked like asparagus. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c.



CROSBY'S IMPROVED EGYPTIAN.--We believe this to be the earliest variety in existence. It was originated by Josiah Crosby, a market gardener for the Boston market, and is a great improvement on the old Egyptian, being thicker, handsomer and more regular in shape, smooth, with very small tops and small tap root. It is of perfect shape when small, thus making a good beet for bunching, and is very popular with the Des Moines market gardeners for this purpose. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. EDMAND'S BLOOD TURNIP.--One of the best varieties grown for main crop. While not a strictly first early beet, it follows very closely and is the most uniform of all turnip beets, with very small tops. The roots are handsome and round, very smooth, of good marketable size, and for table use no variety can excel it in fine quality. The skin is deep blood red; the flesh is also dark red and exceedingly sweet and tender. Our stock seed of this variety was obtained direct from Mr. Edmand and we are sure it will please every one who tries it. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c.


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[image] MANGEL & SUGAR BEETS FOR STOCK EXTENSIVELY grown in all parts of the country for feeding stock. Sow in April or May in drills three feet apart, and thin to ten inches in the row. If your soil is deep and mellow, try the long varieties; if shallow the round kinds will do better. No crop pays the farmer and stockraiser better than mangels; 1,000 bushels to the acre is an ordinary yield, while, with good culture, 2,339 bushels have been grown to this amount of ground. It costs, counting labor, use of ground and everything, less than $50 to raise an acre of mangels and gather and store them. This, for an ordinary yield, is a cost of only five cents per bushel. They make the cheapest of foods for all kinds of live stock--horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. Easily grown, and they help to keep stock in good condition and free from disease. Dairymen claim that a bushel of mangels and a bushel of corn are worth more than two bushels of corn. Full directions for culture and storing mangels, will be sent on application. Use five pounds of seed to an acre. MAMMOTH GOLDEN GIANT A MOST VALUABLE ACQUISITION A NOVELTY OF STERLING MERIT. Klein-Wanzleben SUGAR BEET. GOLDEN TANKARD CHAMPION YELLOW GLOBE DIGNITY COLLECTION OF MANGELS. One ounce each of the nine varieties of Mangels and Sugar Beets for 40c, 1/4 lb. of each $1.00, 1 lb. of each $3.00, postpaid, or $2.40 by express.

MAMMOTH GOLDEN GIANT.--An improvement on the long yellow mangel, being of considerably greater size, more than half above ground and of a more grayish or rather russet yellow color. Remarkably even in shape, rather elongated, of vigorous growth; it has a fine neck and a very smooth skin. Flesh white, firm and sweet, much liked by cattle. In short a magnificent root, easily lifted from the ground, producing enormous crops. Excellent keepers; yields 40 to 60 tons per acre. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. By express, 5 lbs. $1.50. CHAMPION YELLOW GLOBE.--Finest type of Yellow Globe in cultivation. Roots immense size, fine shape, small tap root, neat top. Flesh being very firm and fine-grained, renders it an excellent keeping variety. Well adapted to shallow soils. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 45c. By express, not prepaid, 5 lbs. $1.50. RED GLOBE.--Like the above except color. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. By express, 5 lbs. $1.50. GOLDEN TANKARD.--Best for dairy farming. Considered indispensable among English dairy farmers; it is stated by them they are able to obtain a higher price for milk when feeding cows on Golden Tankard. Sheep thrive on it. Other mangels cut white, circled with yellow, but Golden Tankard is of a rich, deep yellow throughout. Early, hardy and a heavy cropper, for on account of its shape the roots can be left standing close in rows. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 45c. By express, not prepaid, 5 lbs. $1.50. DANISH SUGAR BEET.--An improved strain of the White French Red Top sugar beet which is wonderfully fine for feeding to milch cows and will add greatly to the milk production as well as to its richness. It will yield as much or more than any variety of mangels, and we consider it superior to any variety of sugar beet or mangel for feeding. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c. By express, 5 lbs. $2.25.

$10.00 PRIZE. We will pay $10.00 cash for the heaviest Mangel or Sugar Beet grown from our seed this year. Report to be sent in by October 15th.

DIGNITY LONG RED.--An improvement on the Mammoth Long Red by careful selection for a number of years. It stands head and shoulders above all other varieties of mangels; unequaled for yielding and feeding qualities. Grows to a very large size, weighing from 20 to 50 lbs. and will yield 50 tons per acre with ordinarily good cultivation. Thousands of western farmers have grown our Dignity mangel and call it the most profitable farm crop they ever tried. If you want large crops of large mangels of good quality, don't fail to try Dignity. It is very uniform, smooth and of good shape. Should be grown on deep, loose soil. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. By express, not prepaid, 5 lbs. $1.50. KLEIN-WANZLEBEN.--Also called Diamond Sugar Beet. This variety is cultivated on a larger scale for the beet sugar factories than any other as it usually yields 15 to 20 per cent of sugar. Root is of shape shown in our illustration, straight, tapering evenly and somewhat screw shape. Our seed is grown in Germany from beets which were tested as to per cent of sugar before setting out. The heavy per cent of sugar makes it also of great value for feeding. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. By express, 5 lbs. $1.50. GIANT HALF SUGAR MANGEL.--This new hybrid between the Mammoth Red Mangel and Sugar Beet is of superior merit. Described with novelties. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c. By express, 5 lbs. $2.00. LANE'S IMPERIAL SUGAR BEET.--An improvement on the White French Sugar Beet. Recommended as hardier, more productive, yielding 35 to 40 tons to the acre. It is much larger than the above varieties and will yield more but is not as sweet, containing only about 8 per cent of sugar. Greatly liked for stock feeding, and preferred by some to mangels. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 15c, lb. 40c. By express, 5 lbs. $1.25. Last year I grew a Dignity Mangel which weighed 35 lbs., and they were the finest I ever raised.--Mrs. A. Hickman, Mecca, Mo. L. C. Johnson says that he grew only half an acre of mangels last year and after selling $20.00 worth to a neighhoring [neighboring] dairyman he had sufficient left to feed four cows all winter.


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CAULIFLOWER. One ounce will produce about 3000 plants. One of the most delicious of vegetables. Any soil that will grow cabbage will grow cauliflower, as their requirements are very similar. Culture same as cabbage, except that they need a cool and moist atmosphere and should be watered during dry weather. As the flower heads appear, the large leaves should be broken down over them to shield them from the sun and rain. HENDERSON'S EARLY SNOWBALL.--Throughout the country this is considered not only the earliest of all cauliflowers, but it is more certain to make a head than any other sort. Its dwarf habit and short outer leaves allow it to be planted as close as eighteen to twenty inches apart each way, thus making it especially valuable to market gardeners. Our stock is extra choice and cannot be excelled. It is grown in the locality where this variety originated, by a grower whom we believe to be the best in the world. Per pkt. 15c, 1/4 oz. 75c, oz. $2.50. EXTRA EARLY DWARF ERFURT.--Valuable for forcing. A very popular variety in Europe and with eastern gardeners. First quality. Per pkt. 15c, 1/4 oz. 60c, oz. $2.00. EARLY PARIS.--Well-known small variety which usually proves quite satisfactory. Have made price low this year so that all can try this excellent vegetable. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 50c. LENORMAND'S.--There is considerable call in this market for a late variety of cauliflower, and in the Lenormand's we have just what is wanted. It is of large size and produces well formed heads of excellent quality. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 60c. CAULIFLOWER PLANTS.--See list of Vegetable Plants.

COLLARDS. One ounce will produce about 3000 plants. Collards are largely used as "greens" in some parts of the country, especially South. They are a form of the cabbage, bearing new leaves as the old ones are pulled off. GEORGIA--The most satisfactory for general use. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 30c, lb. $1.00.

CRESS, or Pepper Grass. One ounce will sow about 16 square feet. EARLY CURLED.--A well known salad. Sow early and at intervals during the season. Cover seeds lightly. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c. TRUE WATER.--Sow the seeds along the border of running water and cover lightly. Pkt. 5c, oz. 35c.

CHICKORY. One ounce will sow about 15 square feet. LARGE ROOTED.--Used as a substitute for coffee. Cultivate as carrots. Take up the roots in the fall, cut into small pieces and put away to dry. When wanted for use, it is roasted and ground like coffee. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c.


CARROTS. One ounce will sow 100 feet of drill; 3 to 4 pounds for one acre. This is an indispensable root for the farm and is deserving of more general cultivation. Well managed, there is no crop pays better, and most farmers would find an acre or so desirable. Carrots form a nutritious, succulent food in the winter for cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. For early crop, sow in spring as soon as the ground can be worked, in drills fifteen inches apart, covering one-half inch; thin plants to three or four inches apart in the row. For field culture rows should be of sufficient distance to admit of the use of a horse cultivator; sow seed from the middle of April to the first of June. A light sandy loam, deeply tilled, is best, but as carrot seed is slow to germinate, extra precautions should be used to firm the soil after sowing. An average yield is 800 to 1,000 bushels per acre.


EARLY SCARLET HORN.--Favorite for early crop. Sold largely in New York markets bunched. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. OXHEART.--We do not hesitate to call this the most valuable variety in existence. It is intermediate between the Half-Long and Horn varieties, attaining a diameter of 3 to 4 inches at the neck, of beautiful shape and rich orange color. Where other varieties require digging it is easily pulled. It will produce roots as early as any variety and continues of the best quality all the season. It is excellent for hogs and other live stock and has yielded 1,200 bus. per acre. Cut off tops with scythe and pull roots out with potato hooks. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. DANVERS.--Is in form about midway between the Long Orange and Shorthorn class, growing generally with a stump root. It is of a rich, dark orange color, grows to a large size, is smooth, and the flesh very close in texture with little core. It is a first-class carrot for all soils, and it is claimed that under good cultivation it will yield the greatest weight per acre with the smallest length of root of any grown. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 65c. IMPROVED LONG ORANGE.--One of the most desirable for either garden or field culture. It grows to a large size, fair specimens averaging twelve inches in length, and three inches in diameter at the top. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c.

LARGE WHITE VOSGES or IMPROVED SHORT WHITE--A stock variety which is enormously productive and easy to harvest. Color light green above ground, white below; flesh rich, white, solid and crisp; heavy yielding. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c; by exp. 5 lbs. or more, 45c per lb. VICTORIA.--Largest carrot grown, heaviest cropping and most nutritious variety in cultivation; roots remarkably fine, of light orange color, symmetrical, excellent quality, possessing high feeding properties; good keeping qualities; heavy cropper on all soils, especially adapted for rich land, grows half as much weight again per acre as ordinary varieties; grows well out of ground, easily harvested. All who have cattle should raise a quantity of these carrots for feeding milch cows during winter. It increases the flow of milk and imparts to the butter a delicious flavor and a rich golden color. Breeders of fine horses feed carrots to help keep them in perfect health and condition at all times. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. By express, five pounds or more, 50c per pound.



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CABBAGE. One ounce of seed will produce about 3,000 plants. Set 8,000 to 10,000 plants to the acre of the early sorts and 6,000 of the large, late kinds. We pride ourselves on having the best, purest and highest grade of cabbage seed that is offered, or at least it is surpassed by none. Compared with the cost of seed, there is more money in growing cabbage than any other crop and there is nothing that growers should be more particular about. The cabbage requires a deep, rich soil and thorough working to insure [ensure] good, solid, full-sized heads. Sow early sorts in hot-beds in February or March, or in open ground as soon as it can be worked. Later or winter crops in May or June, in shallow drills six inches apart. When the plants are four inches high transplant into richly manured ground, the early kinds two feet apart. The fall and winter varieties three feet apart. Packets contain about 800 seeds. Slug Shot and tobacco dust are used to kill insects and worms. ALPHA.--By far the earliest flat-headed variety in existence. It is remarkably solid, rivaling the Danish Ballhead, and is wonderfully free from the loose, superfluous leaves. Its compact growth permits setting plants in rows 24 inches apart and 10 to 12 inches in the row. It has a short stem, and the heads are 6 to 8 inches in diameter, just the right size to sell well on the early market. Very popular with the market gardeners. Pkt. 10c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. 90c, lb. $3.00. EXTRA EARLY EXPRESS.--The earliest variety in existence and produces rather small heads long before the Jersey Wakefield or other varieties have begun to head up. Heads are solid, have few outside leaves and can therefore be planted very close and yield large crop. It is a most important variety for the gardner [gardener]. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.

EARLY SPRING.--This variety is as early as the Jersey Wakefield, but the heads are round and flat. It has very few, small outer leaves, thus allowing its being planted as close as any variety known, and producing the largest number of heads per acre. The quality is extremely fine. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50. IOWA SEED CO.'S SHORT-STEM DRUMHEAD.--Our improved and selected strain of this popular variety has greatly pleased thousands of our customers during the past ten years, and so greatly has it improved during the time that we have had it that in a large field it is almost impossible to find a head that is not solid and well formed. For sureness in heading, regularity of growth and even, large solid heads, it far surpasses any other strain of late cabbage we have seen, ripening evenly with very short stem or stalk, and large, thick heads of silky fine quality and of best keeping properties. It is almost all head and always sure to head. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.00. PREMIUM FLAT DUTCH.--This old and well known variety is still the standard winter kind. Its heads are large and solid; also first-class as a keeper. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.50. ERFURT ROUND SUGAR.--A novelty from Germany which is entirely distinct in character and color. It ripens in mid season and makes a very hard, solid, heavy head with short stem. Head is round as a ball, smooth, fine flavor, sweet, superior quality for all purposes. Its great characteristic, however, which distinguishes it from all other sorts is that when picked it assumes a fine golden color which makes the Sauerkraut better liked, more appetizing and more saleable than any other. Per pkt. 10c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00, lb. $3.25.


WINNINGSTADT.--Cone-shaped summer sort, when sown late it is good for fall and even winter; a sure header and good keeper. Seed is very scarce this year. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75. FILDERKRAUT.--An excellent pointed head variety, in great favor among the Germans. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75. ALL SEASONS--(Vandergaw.)--This most excellent variety is as early as Henderson's Summer and makes considerably larger and harder heads. Excellent to plant late, the thickness of head making it a capital sort for keeping through the winter. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.00. BURPEE'S ALL-HEAD EARLY.--At least a week earlier than any of the various strains of early summer cabbage, and fully one-third larger, of perfect shape and the most solid variety on the list. Originated with C. L. Allen, who has grown cabbage seed many years for us, but our competitor, Mr. Burpee, was fortunate in securing the entire stock of it the first year of its introduction, and gave it his name. However, we can most heartily recommend it to our customers. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 70c, lb. $2.25. IMPROVED DANISH BALLHEAD OR HOLLANDER--This variety has been selected and perfected for more than fifty years by the Danish gardeners. They prize it so highly that they grow it almost exclusively for winter cabbage, and annually export large quantities to London, Paris and other cities. It will stand long journeys and keep far into the spring, and is of most mild and rich taste. Heads round as a ball, of good size, solid and very fine grained. Has but few outer leaves, thus admitting of close planting. Medium size and hardiest of all, tender and crisp with but little waste heart. Has pleased thousands of our customers. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50.

HENDERSON'S EARLY SUMMER.--Ten or twelve days later than the Jersey Wakefield, but much larger in size and will stand on the ground much longer without bursting open. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00. EARLY JERSEY WAKEFIELD.--Considered by many gardeners the very best first early variety. Of large size for so early a kind and is certainly deserving of its great popularity. Heads hard and solid, and have few outside leaves. Our seed is the highest quality, American grown. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 70c, lb. $2.00. NEW WASHINGTON WAKEFIELD--In this grand variety we have a most superior strain, well worthy the name it bears. It is a leader, and is very early, the heads pyramidal in shape, larger than the Jersey Wakefield, very solid, with few outside leaves. Grows remarkably uniform, the heads even size and shape. Unequaled for market or family gurden [garden]. Thousands of our customers have been delighted with it. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 85c, lb. $2.75. HENDERSON'S SUCCESSION--An excellent variety of large size with a flat head, maturing in midsummer. It can be brought to perfection in the hottest weather, or may be used as an autumn or winter crop. The heads average ten to twelve inches in diameter, but are frequently larger. The average weight per head is about twelve pounds. It is a very handsome cabbage in make-up and habit of growth, as well as high-bred in quality. Every plant has a characteristic shape, even to the curl of the top-most leaf of the head. Indeed, the introducers are justified in regarding Succession as a true and individual type of cabbage. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 86c, lb. $2.50. CABBAGE PLANTS. Of our own growing, from best quality seeds. See page 25.



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CABBAGE.--Continued. PERFECTION DRUMHEAD SAVOY.--The Savoy or curly cabbages are of much finer flavor and quality than the best of other kinds, and should be more generally cultivated. The variety we offer is the finest of the Savoys. Heads large, finely curled and an excellent keeper. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.00. LUXEMBERG HARD HEAD.--An excellent variety, which is in great favor on the Chicago market, and the seed frequently sells there at $1.00 per ounce or more. It makes a medium size, very hard head of extraordinary weight. Owing to its remarkable keeping properties, and the fact that the head remains as green as when gathered in the fall, is king of all cabbage for late spring selling. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50. FOTTLER'S IMPROVED BRUNSWICK.--Excellent for summer and fall use. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75. SUREHEAD.--Very reliable in heading, good shape and large size. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00. CHASE'S EXCELSIOR.--Medium early and not excelled for sure, solid heading, which is the highest recommendation for a cabbage which must mature in the trying heat of summer. Another remarkable feature is that it never cracks. Very popular with our southern customers. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 70c, lb. $2.25. MARBLEHEAD MAMMOTH.--Largest of all; have in some instances grown to a weight of 90 pounds, and the heads of such size that they would not go into a two-bushel basket. Good for exhibition at fairs, but too loose headed and uncertain for main crop. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.60. MAMMOTH RED ROCK.--A market gardener's strain of unusual size, weight and color. Its handsome appearance, large size, solidity and good quality, will make it very desirable to all who like red cabbage. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50. CABBAGE PLANTS.--See list of vegetable plants.

CUCUMBERS. One ounce will plant 50 hills; two pounds will plant one acre. Cucumbers succeed best in a rich, loamy soil. For first early, sow in hotbeds, in berry boxes, or in small flower pots, six weeks before they can be set out in open ground. When danger of frost is over transplant in hills four feet apart each way. For general crop plant in open ground in May, about twelve seeds in a hill. When danger of bugs is past thin to four strong plants in a hill. For pickling, plant in June. Sprinkle the vines with plaster or air-slacked lime to protect from bugs, or use Slug Shot to kill the bugs. The cucumber seed crop was almost an entire failure this year, and prices will doubtless be very much higher or seed stock exhausted before season is over. EARLY EXPRESS.--See novelties. Pkt. 10c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50. CUMBERLAND.--See novelties. Pkt. 10c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50. GREEN PROLIFIC.--A splendid pickling sort. Very productive. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00. JAPANESE CLIMBING.--A novelty from Japan which has proven thoroughly adapted to open air culture throughout Europe and America. The vines are of healthy, vigorous growth, with rich, dark green foliage, and throw out strong, grasping tendrils, which enable it to climb trellis, wire netting, brush or any other suitable support. It comes into bearing quickly and continues to set fruit abundantly throughout the season. Of large size, thick, tender, of delicate flavor, cylindrical shape, flesh pure white, skin dark green, turning to brown and netted when ripe; of excellent quality for slicing. Pkt. 10c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00, lb. $3.00.


PERFECT WHITE SPINE.--For many years we have been growing and improving this variety on our seed farm, and as a result we offer to our customers this improved strain, pronounced by good judges superior to either Peerless or Arlington. Fruit even and good size, straight, well formed and symmetrical. It is of uniform shape, making it unexcelled for pickling. Immensely productive, and keeps longer solid and crisp than any other variety. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.60. By express, 5 lbs. or more @ $1.35. BOSTON OR JERSEY PICKLE.--Is used almost exclusively by the market gardeners near Boston for pickling. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75. WEST INDIAN GHERKIN, or BURR--Makes a handsome pickle of first class quality. Be sure and try it. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 80c. SNAKE.--A remarkable and very interesting curiosity. Cucumbers grow curled up like a snake with the head protruding, and some measure six feet in length. Grown chiefly as a curiosity and for exhibition. In packets only, each 10c.

IMPROVED LONG GREEN.--A standard sort. Vine vigorious [vigorous] and productive, forming fruit fit for the table nearly as early as the shorter sorts; fruit about 12 inches long, firm and crisp. The young fruit makes one of the best of pickles, and when ripe is the best of any for sweet pickles. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.25. IMPROVED CHICAGO PICKLE.--This variety which originated with a leading pickle grower near Chicago, is considered the best variety there as it is very prolific, matures early and produces an immense number of desirable shaped pickles. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00. NEW ASTRO.--A variety of the highest merit for gardeners, some claiming that they made more money from a crop of these grown early in hotbeds than from any other crop, as they yield a continual daily picking and sell quickly at $1.00 per dozen. Fruit large, perfect shape, 8 to 12 inches long. They are of the very best quality for slicing, as the flesh is white and crisp and they have very few seeds. Pkt. 10c, oz. $1.00. IMPROVED BISMARCK.--An excellent variety with very long fruit, pointed at both ends, very uniform in shape, size and color, thus making it an excellent sort for marketing. Holds its dark green color well. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00. WHITE PEARL.--Bears freely throughout the season. The skin is very smooth and of beautiful pearly white; even the young fruits are of a very light color, nearly white. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 6[?]c, lb. $2.00. EARLY CLUSTER.--Grows in clusters. Productive and of good quality. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75. EMERALD.--A new variety from Ohio, which possesses that rich, dark green color which has so long been sought for but never before obtained, retaining its color until fully ripe. Its fruit sets early and its vigorous vines abound in long, straight, handsome fruits of most desirable qualities. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00.


MUSTARD. A pungent salad, used with Cress or for greens. Sow thickly in rows, cut when about 2 inches high. One ounce will sow about 75 feet of drill. OSTRICH PLUME.--See novelties. Pkt. 10c, oz. 20c. SOUTHERN GIANT CURLED.--Highly esteemed in the south, where the seed is sown in the fall. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. WHITE ENGLISH or LONDON. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 45c. CHINESE GOLDEN.--Leaves very thick, finely curled, and of a bright golden yellow color. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 30c.

RHUBARB--Or Pie Plant. One ounce will produce about 100 plants. Succeeds best in deep, rich soil. Sow in spring in drills, cover one inch. Thin plants to six inches apart. Transplant in autumn or spring to permanent beds, three feet apart each way. IDEAL MAMMOTH--Largest and best. See novelties. Pkt. 10c, oz. 25c. VICTORIA.--The old standard sort. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.50. VICTORIA RHUBARB ROOTS.--By mail 15c each, $1.00 per dozen.


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