$10,000.00 IN PRIZES. Everywhere the Iowa Silver Mine Captures Prizes Over all other varieties, and it is estimated that they have amounted to over $10,000.00. At one great Corn Show it won eleven (11) of the best prizes offered, in competition with varieties of every color, kind and description, competition open to the world. In 1896 we offered $500.00 in prizes for the largest yield and the first prize was won by Mr. Claus Jochimsen, a well-to-do German farmer of Scott county, Iowa, with a yield of 215 bushels of shelled corn per acre. His written report was signed, also, by two neighbors, who helped him to measure the ground and gather the corn, and it was weighed by the public weighmaster, who also made a written report. To verify this the president of the Iowa Seed Company personally inspected and measured the field and estimated carefully the corn in the crib.

READ WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY. "The Iowa Silver Mine is all you represent it to be. It ripened in 90 days and produced ears 1[?] inches long and 7 inches in circumference."--H. R. Burton, Butler county, Penn. "I have been growing your Iowa Silver Mine Corn for three years past and it yields fully ten bushels per acre more than any other corn here this year, in spite of the unfavorable weather."--E. W. Parnell, Story county, Iowa. "Your famous Iowa Silver Mine Corn yielded a big crop this year."--Lewis Frater, Eseambia [Escambia] county, Florida. "Your Iowa Silver Mine Corn did exceptionally well with me considering the unfavorable season. It ripened earlier than any other corn in my neighborhood. It is strictly a number one corn, very solid on the cob and well filled out at the tips; makes also a superior quality of fodder."--M. S. Wittle, Lancaster county, Pa.


"The Iowa Silver Mine purchased from you was planted one month after planting my native corn, but it ripened by the time the native corn was in roasting ear and made 50 per cent larger crop."--W. G. Jordan, Chickasaw county, Indian Ter. "I raised two hundred and twelve bushels of your Iowa Silver Mine Corn on 1 3/4 acres of bottom land. How is that?"--Perry Hartman, Boone county, Iowa. "The Iowa Silver Mine is the finest corn I ever raised. It is simply grand."--German Ziru, Elk county, Kan. "The Iowa Silver Mine Corn yielded 197 bushels on one carefully measured acre. The yield was very nearly as large on my entire field of eight acres of this variety."--A. L. Gher, Boone county, Ind. "The Iowa Silver Mine Corn will do as well here as any variety. It was cut down twice by frost this year, but still it yielded 75 bushels per acre."--J. E. Olson, Nicolett [Nicollet] county, Minn. "The seeds purchased from you produced the finest yields ever seen in our county. The Iowa Silver Mine Corn yielded 188 bushels to the acre."--W. A. Johnson, Mississippi county, Ark. "I don't think a better quality of corn can be found than the Iowa Silver Mine, and it yielded 114 bushels per acre for me this year."--S. S. Troxel, Benton county, Iowa. "Your Iowa Silver Mine Corn grew splendidly and ripened sufficiently to make seed corn 100 miles north of St. Paul."--Francis Maddox, Crow Wing county, Minn. "My crop of Iowa Silver Mine Corn was greatly injured by a storm in July, but still it yielded 108 bushels per acre, and twelve ears selected from it took three first prizes at state fairs. It is a world beater."--S. D. Maddock, Champagne [Champaign] county, Ill. "The seventy acres of corn we planted with seed from your firm is the best field of corn in this county. It runs from two to three ears on each stalk."--D. M. McKindley, Kane Co., Ill. "Your Iowa Silver Mine Corn is the earliest white corn I have ever seen. Ears of good size and in many instances producing two good ears to the stalk. It is seldom one sees anything bred up to such perfection as this new corn."--W. O. Ruddick, Lee county, Iowa.

YOU CAN'T GROW 200 BUSHELS OF CORN PER ACRE Of course you can't. You know it can't be grown because you never grew even 100 bushels per acre; because your father always said that it was impossible to grow that amount; because when your neighbors grew 60 or 70 bushels per acre they considered it an immense crop; because the average crop of corn in the United States is only 28 bushels per acre, etc., etc. As long as you continue planting the old varieties you cannot expect to grow any better crop.

READ THE Reports of Large Crops In this book. These crops were grown by honest, reliable men. Your father was right in his statement, so far as the old varieties are concerned, but the Iowa Silver Mine is not like them. It has no barren stalks, every stalk bears at least one large ear, many have two ears and some bear three ears. You can grow 200 bushels per acre if you plant the right variety, and please remember that even one bushel per acre added to your crop pays the cost of the seed.

"We find the Iowa Silver Mine to be the only really pure white corn, the deepest grain, the smallest cob and largest percentage of perfect ears of any corn I have ever tested, and I have grown about all the named varieties. You have in the Iowa Silver Mine a variety that combines more good qualities than any other, either white or yellow. Being a thoroughbred corn it has great flexibility of constitution, and thus is adapted to any soil or climate. Your customers will find it a veritable 'Silver Mine' if developed with a plow and cultivator instead of a pick and shovel."--J. H. Beagley, Editor of American Corn Journal. "Last spring I planted one peck of your Iowa Silver Mine Corn and gathered 100 bushels of the finest corn I ever saw."--J. Clay Fox, Rock county, Neb. "I am especially pleased with the Iowa Silver Mine Corn and it is worth five times as much as the Mastodon which I have been growing."--Jacob B. Siemens, Reno county, Kan. "Your Iowa Silver Mine Corn is as fine a corn and as early maturing as I ever saw. I have sold considerable seed to my neighbors, and everyone is more than pleased with it."--D. A. Blanklinship, Dunklin county, Mo. "I have grown the Iowa Silver Mine Corn each year since its first introduction and have annually noted its characteristics in my field, and do not hesitate to say that I consider it the best well known variety before the public. The plant is vigorous and uniform and adapts itself readily to a wide range of latitude, altitude, climatic and soil variations. Its leafage is strong and abundant, and I have measured 2,084 square inches of leafage to the single stalk which seems an almost incredulous amount. Without doubt it will carry the fair name of 'Iowa' around the globe."--S. S. Barr, Scott county, Iowa. "I think your Iowa Silver Mine Corn is the best corn in the west. I planted it May 2d, and every ear was ripe by the last of August."--A. C. Collins, Minnehaha county, S. D. "Your Iowa Silver Mine is as fine a corn as I ever saw grow. It has large, well-shaped ears, and filled out clear to the end of cob. I planted the 10th of May and it was well matured by the 15th of August."--Charles W. Richards, Woodbury county, Iowa.


TWO WAYS. EVERY corn grower who strives to increase his corn crop has two ways to do it. He can increase the yield per acre, or he can put in more acres. The farmer who wants more corn will do well to study the first method before he decides on the latter. Good seed is the first essential to a bigger yield of better corn, therefore plant the Iowa Seed Company's improved varieties and add 20 to 50 per cent to your crop.

HURRAH! THE IOWA SILVER MINE Was again victorious at the Illinois State Fair, winning First Prize with a crop of 205 Bu. Per Acre. At the Peoria Corn Exhibition it captured more premiums than all other varieties collectively.

56 LOADS OF CORN On the way to market An actual scene, taken from a photograph. OUR IOWA SILVER MINE CORN Gets there every time. Fifty-six loads averaging 47 bushels =2,632 bushels, or the product of 15 acres such as our prize-winners grew--176 bushels per acre.


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"The Farmer's Reliance Corn purchased from you has made a splendid yield.''--Herman Hunt, Iowa.


"Your Farmers' Reliance Corn proved to be a very fine corn and I was much pleased with it."--W. A. Whitmer, Clinton county, Iowa.

FARMER'S RELIANCE CORN. A grand novelty in field corn, introduced by the Iowa Seed Co. and it is by far the earliest variety of dent corn in existence, and also the largest eared early corn. It is earlier than Pride of the North and a much better cropper. This new variety of corn is the result of a scientific hybridization made fifteen years ago, by a practical seed corn grower and this has been followed by careful selection each year since, the object being to obtain the earliest corn in the world. The corn is of a very strong, vigorous character, growing more rapidly than any other variety from the day that it is planted. Its quick growth really surprises one with the speed with which it hurries on to make ears. The stalks usually have from 9 to 11 blades, while most ordinary corn has 13 blades. These leaves are quite broad, of dark emerald green healthy color. This corn has been planted as late as June 26th and yielded a splendid crop, earlier than Pride of the North, which was planted at the same time. We claim that it will mature any year in 80 to 85 days. The ears are much larger than Pride of the North, not as rough or hackled, thus making it easier to handle, and the yield is 25 to 35 per cent more than Pride of the North, under the same conditions. An average bushel of 70 pounds will make 60 pounds of shelled corn. It has for years been selected from stalks which set the ears three feet or less from the ground, and this has a tendency to make it earlier. Fully 40 per cent of the stalks produce two good ears. It is the farmers' reliance every year. The originator has taken the first prize for early yellow corn at every fair at which it has been exhibited. Don't fail to plant at least a small quantity, and thus obtain your seed for another season. Per lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid. By freight or express, pk. 75c, bu. $2.25, 2 bu. or more @ $2.10, 5 bu. or more @ $2.00. H. H. Connell says:--"Your Farmers' Reliance is the earliest corn I have ever seen or grown, maturing in 80 days, being ten days to two weeks earlier than Pride of the North, and yields double as much per acre."

"Last year I purchased some of your Farmers' Reliance Corn and was very much pleased with the splendid crop, as it yielded 400 bushels of ears, from three acres of ground. Your corn is all that you recommend it to be."--Mrs. Harriet Brown, Ashsabula [Ashtabula] county, Ohio. "The Farmers' Reliance Corn yielded a big crop for me and I was much pleased with it."--Chas. Guilford, Jones county, Iowa.

Fatten Your Pocket Book BY PLANTING OUR IOWA SEED CORN This Year.

I planted last season twenty varieties of your seed corn and took first premium on my exhibits at the Wisconsin Fair. Think it did exceptionally well."--I. Rezertee, Winnebago county, Wis. Your Longfellow Dent Corn is all right and averaged this year 45 to 50 bushels per acre, producing ears 12 to 14 inches long.--J. B. H. Tapke, Dubuque county, Iowa.


EARLY LONGFELLOW DENT CORN. INTRODUCED BY THE IOWA SEED CO. There is no telling when we will have a short season and early killing frost in the fall, and in such a case farmers who have their fields planted with an early maturing variety are truly fortunate. The trouble with most extra early sorts, however, is that they are too small and "nubbiny," but this new variety is of unusual length, our illustration showing an ear 15 inches long, but the average is about 12 inches. Its peculiar shape, which is different from any other sort, suggests the name. It matures fully as early as Pride of the North, is double the size and yields a far larger crop, which is ripe and hard before there is a thought of frost, thus making a variety that it will pay to "tie to." Stalks are of medium height, strong and not easily blown down. Grain is not as deep as some of our other varieties, but it is the corn of corns for selling on the market, as a wagon load of it is as pretty as a picture. We recommend it highly to customers in Northern Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and other northern states, feeling sure that it will please every one. Order early, as there is sure to be a great demand. Per pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid. By freight, per pk. 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bus. or more, at $1.85, 5 bus. or more, at $1.75.

I was much pleased with your Early Longfellow Dent Corn this year. It was very early and yielded more bushels per acre than either of the other three varieties of corn that I grew. The ears were long, well filled out and solid. I consider it an exceptionally good corn for feeding hogs and prefer it to the deep grain sorts which are more apt to mildew. It also shells out better than one would expect from the looks of the ear, and is the easiest corn to husk I have ever grown.--T. J. Lee, Iowa. "Your Early Longfellow Dent was a winner in this locality. Many stalks had two good ears and the ears were 10 to 14 inches long."--E. E. Crandall, Lenawee county, Michigan.

"I obtained seed of your Early Longfellow Dent Corn and was much pleased with the result. It was fully as early as Pride of the North and yielded fully double as much."--Stephen Harvey, Polk county, Iowa. "I will plant most of my crop next year with your Longfellow Dent Corn as it proved so satisfactory this season."--A. A. Wagner, O'Brien county, Iowa. "Both the Early Longfellow Dent and Mastodon purchased from you this year, were dandy varieties and will yield 50 bushels per acre this season for me."--H. C. Rittgers, Palo Alto county, Iowa.

"The Longfellow Dent Corn is a No. 1 variety and it did remarkably well for me. The seed bought of you produced large, heavy ears weighing 1 1/4 pounds."--John Osborn, Meeker county, Minn. "Your Early Longfellow Dent Corn has done first-rate with me and is a perfectly safe corn to plant in this latitude."--J. D. Wheaton, Lyon county, Iowa. "Last year I planted three-fourths of an acre of your Profit Corn, and it yielded 102 bushels or at the rate of 136 bushels per acre. The Early Longfellow Dent yielded 85 1/2 bushels per acre and I was greatly pleased with them."--W. T. Swartwout, Tuscola county, Michigan.


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GIANT RED COB ENSILAGE. Beyond doubt the best Fodder Corn, either to feed green right from the field, to put up for the silo, or to cure and stack away. It is a pure white corn, cropping as high as 45 tons of fodder per acre. It is sweet, tender and juicy, and furnishes more nourishment than any other variety; has short joints and therefore an abundance of leaves, and grows to a fair height, but not over-large and coarse-stalked as some varieties. It is adapted to every section of the country, although it does not ripen here, usually it matures enough to come in full milk, which is just the right state to cut. Quite popular with dairy farmers. Per pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 6[?]c, postpaid. By freight, per peck 60c, bushel $1.75, 2 bushel or more @ $1.60, 5 bushels or more @ $1.50.

NEW SNOW WHITE DENT. A comparatively new variety which was first sent out by a seed corn grower living not far from the place where the now world famous Iowa Sliver Mine Corn, introduced by the Iowa Seed Co. in 1896, was originated. Some think that it is from a selection of the Silver Mine. However, it is an excellent variety of special value for milling purposes. The introducer says: "Superfine Meal, made from Snow White Dent Corn is by all odds the best meal made in this or any other country. The ordinary dull, white colored, slightly mixed, immature white corn of the country will no more make such meal, than will a sow's ear make a silk purse. Snow White Dent is the whitest, purest, most perfect, heaviest yielding, and in every way the best milling corn in the world to-day." It is assuredly a desirable new sort which it will pay you to try if you want to produce corn for milling, but for general use the Iowa Silver Mine will doubtless prove more satisfactory owing to its unequaled productiveness. Our seed was grown from originator's stock and is undoubtedly as pure and true to name as can be obtained. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight per pk. 75c, bu. $2.50, 2 bu. or more @ $2.35, 5 bu. or more @ $2.25.

PERFECTED GOLDEN BEAUTY. A greatly improved strain of this popular variety and it is claimed by the originator to be the largest grained and handsomest bright golden yellow corn ever sent out. Ears are of medium length, 10 to 14 rows on a comparatively small cob. In many respects, aside from color, it resembles the Hickory King. Ears are well filled out to the very tip. It is rather late and we do not advise planting north of Des Moines, but for southern Iowa, Missouri and places of that latitude it produces a large crop. Throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and the east, they think there is no corn quite equal to the Golden Beauty, but is rather late for this latitude. Matures in about 120 days. If you want a corn for marketing in the ear or shelled, you will find the Golden Beauty satisactory [satisfactory]. Makes a superior quality of bright yellow corn meal. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight, peck 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.85, 5 bu. or more @ $1.75.

SEED CORN IN THE EAR. No seed corn breeder will go to his stock of seed corn and pick out exhibition ears and sell them for a price that the farmer is willing to pay, but he will sell seed corn that is so pure and well bred that by growing it he can get these exhibition ears. Very few ears of even the purest, highest grade varieties, are perfect in all respects and a grower will sometimes look over a thousand bushels in order to find half a dozen ears suitable for exhibiting. We furnish our growers with the stock seed for growing our varieties. We select that stock according to the standard of each variety, viz.: shape and color of each ear, filling out of butts and tips, number of rows, the kernel, etc., and will sell you just as good corn shelled as in the ear at a much less cost to you. If you buy seed corn in the ear you pay for the box to ship it in, which costs about 25 cents for each bushel, you pay for the extra time it requires to carefully pack the corn in such a way that it will ship well; you also pay freight on the box and on the cobs and tip grains which amounts to fully half of that on the corn. You also lose several pounds per bushel of tip grains as you do not get your 56 pounds of seed corn. Very few, comparatively, order seed corn in the ear, though we have it listed. However, if any one prefers to have it in the ear we will furnish any variety we list; tipped and well packed at 35c per peck, 60c per half bushel and $1.00 per bushel above the list price of each variety if ordered before the first of March, after which time the stock of seed corn in ear is apt to be exhausted.



STAR LEAMING. The Leaming corn, which originated with Mr. Leaming, of Ohio, was always a good variety, but it had some serious faults for culture in this state, and we have refrained from giving it our endorsement. A few years ago we found an extra fine lot in the hands of an enterprising Iowa farmer, who had been selecting it for many years. We were greatly pleased with it, but were not willing to offer it to our customers without still further selection. We now have a corn which is a great improvement on the Leaming, but it retains all the valuable characteristics of that variety, so that instead of giving it a new name, we call it Star Leaming to distinguish it from other strains. The ears are large and handsome, with deep large grain of rich deep orange color, on a medium to small cob. It grows to medium height, setting the ears about four feet from the ground, husks easily, and the corn is snug on the cob, thus making a very solid, heavy feeling ear. Surface is quite smooth for dent corn. It is very productive, and it is the ideal variety for selling in the ear. We sold many thousands of bushels of this variety last season, and expect to exceed the record this spring. Don't plant common corn when you can obtain this grand variety so cheap. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight, peck 60c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more @ $1.60, 5 bu. or more @ $1.50.


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[image] PROFIT CORN.

PRACTICAL FARMERS SAY: An enterprising and prominent Polk county farmer says: "It has outyielded every other variety on my place. Ears are large, extremely solid and grain is deep, so that it shells out more than other sorts." A Guthrie county farmer says: "I like it and shall plant entirely of it next season. It is solid and heavy and feels profitable while you are husking it. Matured better than any other corn, there being less loose or chaffy ears than usual with other varieties this season." "A successful Madison county farmer, who is satisfied only with the best of everything, says: "Your Profit Corn is by far the most satisfactory corn I have ever grown, on account of its solid, uniform ears, deep grain, early and even maturity and freedom from light, loose or chaffy ears. While not so even in color as your Iowa Gold Mine, it is larger, more solid, less hackled and easier to husk. You cannot recommend it too highly." "Your Profit Corn proved to be a great drouth resister. Every stalk had a good ear, while other varieties of corn yielded but very little. If I had planted my fifty acres with Profit even at your high price as I thought for seed, I would be many dollars ahead on my crop."--G. C. Bothell, Webster county, Neb.

DON'T BUY PROFIT CORN If you want a variety to sell on the market, for you may be disappointed, as its variation in color gives it the appearance of being mixed, but if you want first class corn for feeding don't fail to try it.

[image] Ears of Profit Corn.--Notice depth of grain and how wonderfully well it is filled out over both tip and butt ends. These points together with its great solidity make it a most profitable sort to feed or sell.

PROFIT CORN. A most profitable corn for any farmer who has live stock to feed. We introduced this grand new variety and it has given excellent satisfaction everywhere. It originated from a carefully prepared cross of two well known sorts on the farm of a seed grower in Madison county, Iowa, which is the county that produced our world famous Iowa Gold Mine. For nearly 20 years this corn has been bred up until now it is claimed to be The Heaviest and most solid Ear of any variety in Existence, and of good size. IT AINT A HANDSOME CORN, BUT ITS GOT MONEY IN IT. The color of the surface of the ear is variegated from light sulphur to reddish orange, being agreeably diversified, making it particularly striking in appearance. With some this might be an objection if they desire to sell it in the ear, but when shelled it looks quite uniform in color as the variation is simply in color of the cap or top of grain. The purpose of the originator was to fix a type of field corn FOR PROFIT, superior to any in cultivation, and profit in corn growing, as we understand it, means the largest crop of Shelled Corn (not cobs) maturing in a reasonably short time, and of the best quality. Ears of large size, grain is very deep, cob small and dries out rapidly, thus making it a sure cropper. The corn is so solid on cob that the kernels appear as if driven in and it shells out immensely. Will produce a larger crop on poor soil than any variety we know of and with good culture will astonish everybody. It is the corn to plant and we want all our customers to try it. Order early as our stock is limited. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight, pk. 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.85; 5 bu. or more @ $1.75.


"I was much pleased with your Profit Corn this season as it gave an exceedingly large yield."--J. H. Luddington, Ashtabula county, Ohio. The Profit corn I received of you last spring has the right name. It is the best corn for stock. It grows large and is solid and also contains a greater proportion of fat than any of our corn in this country. The Iowa Gold Mine Corn I received of you is beautiful in color, shape and size. In my opinion it is one of the leading corns in America.--B. J. Clarida, Williamson county, Ill.

I am wonderfully pleased with your Profit Corn, which has yielded 75 bushels per acre this year in spite of unfavorable conditions. I expect to exhibit it at the fair as it is of such superior quality.--M. C. Dotson, Noble county, Ohio. The Iowa Gold Mine, Profit and Iowa Silver Mine Corn received from you did well this year and I was specially pleased with the Profit. I expect to plant 75 acres the coming season.--O. Ragsdale, Custer Co. Okla.

LEGAL TENDER. This is now one of the most prominent late varieties of yellow dent corn in the country. It is the result of about ten years' selection by a seed corn specialist in Iowa, and has taken first premium at many state and county fairs. The corn is productive, and of uniform pure yellow color, ear very large and long and a deep grain on a small cob, while the stalk does not grow too large. The introducer says: "Our ideal ear is an ear two-thirds as large around as it is long, containing sixteen to twenty rows, and small shank. The kernels are deep, the cob is small at the butt and the ear holds its bigness toward the point until near tapering off. It should be capped over and the kernels should hold their bigness toward the point, and the butt run out straight and not crinkle." It matures in about 115 days, but we do not recommend it for the extreme northern portion of this state. Our stock of this is extra select, grown from the originator's stock seed, but improved in earliness by being grown in a more northern latitude. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c. By freight per peck 6[?]c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more @ $1.65, 5 bu. or more @ $1.60. "Your Legal Tender Corn took first premium for the best yellow corn at the Cass county fair. It was very fine.--F. B. Van Orman, Cass county, Iowa.


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