First went into action (place):


Participated in the following engagements: My Reg. went into The Meuse Argonne battle in support of the 319th Inf on Sept. 26th 1918, but I did not get to try my rifle out on a real German as I got put out of the fracas by a bomb while we were making our first deployment to clear the enemy out of a forest.

Cited, decorated, or otherwise honored for distinguished services (give circumstantial accounts of exploits, including dates and places where performed, also by whom and in what manner the honors were bestowed): :

Killed in action, killed by accident, died of wounds, died of disease, wounded, gassed, shell-shocked, taken prisoner:

Nature of casuality: Wounded Sept 26, 1918, by bomb dropped from German airplanes at [Grecort?]



Nature of casuality:



Nature of casuality:



Under medical care:-

Name of hospital: Base Hospital #15

Location: Chamount

From (date): Sept 27th

to (date): Oct 2, 1918

Name of hospital: Base Hospital #115

Location: Vichy

From (date): Oct 3

to (date): Dec. 14 1918

Name of hospital: Evacuation Hospital

Location: Bordeaux

From (date): Dec 15

to (date): Dec. 25 1918

Name of hospital: Base Hospital

Location: Camp Stuart, Va

From (date): Jan 6, 1919

to (date): Jan. 20, 1919

Permanently disabled (through loss of limb, eyesight, etc.) (specify disability):

Arrived at (American port): Newport News

on (ship): Pastores

Date: Jan 6th 1919

(from): Bordeaux, France

Discharged from service at (place): Camp Meade Md

(date): Feb. 4, 1919

as a (rank): Corporal


Occupation after the war: Carpenter

If a change of occupation was occasioned by reason of disability acquired in the service, describe the process of re-education and readjustment, and indicate the agencies or individuals chiefly instrumental in furnishing the new occupations::

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Virginia Kress

Fifth Hospital listed - Base Hospital, Camp Meade, Md., Jan 21 to February 4, 1919