First went into action (place): Warlazel

(date): July 18

Participated in the following engagements: Arras, Bethincourt, Grand Pre, Jercourt, Nautillos, Eppicourt, Flaville, Birzancy, Beaumount

Cited, decorated, or otherwise honored for distinguished services (give circumstantial accounts of exploits, including dates and places where performed, also by whom and in what manner the honors were bestowed): : Company was mentioned for citation

Killed in action, killed by accident, died of wounds, died of disease, wounded, gassed, shell-shocked, taken prisoner:

Nature of casuality: Gassed

(place): Nautillas

(date): October 8, 18

Nature of casuality:



Nature of casuality:



Under medical care:-

Name of hospital: Base #4

Location: Vaubrecout

From (date): November 10, 1918

to (date): November 21, 1918

Name of hospital: Base #6

Location: Triancourt

From (date): November 21, 1918

to (date): November 24, 1918

Name of hospital: Base #42

Location: Dijon

From (date): November 28, 1918

to (date): January 8, 1919

Name of hospital: Base #23

Location: Montpont

From (date): January 9, 1919

to (date): Febuary 10, 1919

Permanently disabled (through loss of limb, eyesight, etc.) (specify disability): Collapsed Lung and Dialated Heart

Arrived at (American port): Hoboken, New Jersey

on (ship): Hospital Ship - Mercy

Date: 3-15-19

(from): Brest, France

Discharged from service at (place): Camp Dix Base Hospital

(date): 04-16-19

as a (rank): Corporal


Occupation after the war: Student

If a change of occupation was occasioned by reason of disability acquired in the service, describe the process of re-education and readjustment, and indicate the agencies or individuals chiefly instrumental in furnishing the new occupations:: Accepted Vocational Training due to disability and also to complete my education at college.

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