What was your attitude toward military service in general and toward your call in particular?: I felt that as an American citizen I was as entitled to service as any other citizen and that so long as my country needed me I was willing to serve.

What were the effects of camp experiences in the United States upon yourself -- mental and physical?: My experience in the camps in the U S? was unfavorable both to my mind and body because the exposure I was subjected to undermined my strength.

What were the effects upon yourself of your overseas experience?: Cause mental and Pyhsical depression from which it will be hard to recover

What effects, if any, did your experience have on your religious belief?: Practically none. Of course environments cause a laxity in practice.

If you took part in the fighting, what impressions were made upon you by this experience?: No engagements.

What has been the effect of all these experiences as contrasted with your state of mind before the war?: Before the war I was passive as to the treatment of the common people colored, in particular, but since the war I am constantly reminded that my people (colored) are not getting any of the things that I served in the war to help bring about-----democracy.

Photographs-- If possible enclose one taken before entering the service and one taken afterwards in uniform, both signed and dated.

Additional data:

Signed at (place): Norfolk, Va

on (date): August 20th

year: 1919

(full name): Floyd Bishop

(rank): Private 1/c

(branch of service): 540 Engineers.

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Powerful statement in the section for state of mind post war