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Feby 6th 1894
early clergymen of the Church in
Colonial Virginia, where body lies
[illegible] in St. John's Church yard
and chereshing his memory and good
deeds, and recignizing that time is
gradually alleterating the inscription
upon his tomb, we desire to place
in the church a tablet which
shall perserve and perpetuate
his epitaph. The tablet has been
completed and is now here
[illegible] upon inspection it is
satisfactory to the Vestery we request
that a suitable place be assigned
to it in the Church and that
after it's erection it be accepted
on behalf of the Parish as the
tribute of his decendants to
a man where life is so
beautifully described and where
example is so worthy of [illegible
Very respectfully

The Tablet having been bought to
the Brick School house [illegible]
inspected by the Vestery and on
Morion the Registor was
requested to unveil to the
above named parties accepting
the tablet on behalf of the
Vestery & designating as

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