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No 588. 267
John Blizzard, son Sally Blizzard, a free negro
was born free, as appears from a certificate of William Spratley
aged about twenty one years, has a large mole on the right side of
the jaw, and a scar near the corner of the mouth, stout made is
of a dark complexion and five feet, four inches and a half in hight.
The said John Blizzard is registered in the Clerk's office
of Surry County court of the above description, on the 22nd
day of June 1835.
A.A. Delk D.C.
No 589.
Polly Johnson a woman of rather a bright complexion,
who appears by a former register to have been free born, about
thirty-four years, is five, four and a half inches high no scars or marks
perceivable. The said negro woman is this day registered of the
above description, in the Clerk's office of Surry county court the 27th
day of July 1835.
A. A. Delk D.C.

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