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Know all men by these presents that I William
Mann of the City of Richmond in the County of Henrico
for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred
and forty one dollars to me in hand paid by
William Moncure, surviving trustee of William
Moncure and John Prosser, to which said Wm
& John was conveyed by a Deed of Trust bearing date
the 10th of August 1808 duly executed by Nicholas
B. Van Landt and Maria Wood his Wife & recorded
in the General Court of Virginia all the property
real & personal to which the said Maria was entitled
as one of the Children of the late Major Stephen
Southall in Trust for the benefit of the said Maria
and her Children by the said Nicholas, reserving the
right of selling or exchanging any part of the said
property for any other property, which the other property
so sold or exchanged for is also conveyed to the said
William & John or to the survivor of them. And
whereas the said William, Nicholas, and Maria did,
on the 6th day of February 1812, by their certain Deed
sell and convey to Neill McCoull all the right
and title of the said William, Nicholas & Maria
of and to the one sixth part of a tract or parcel
of land lying & being in the County of Goochland,
whereon the said Major Southall formerly resided,
for the purpose of applying the consideration money
to the purchase of a Negro Girl for the benefit of
the said Maria & her Children by the said Nicholas,-
I the said William Mann have bargained sold and
by these presents do bargain & sell unto the said William
Moncure in Trust for the benefit of the said Maria

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