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granted bargained, sold, aliened, enfeoff, released, and confirmed,
and by these presents for himself and his heirs,
do give, grant, bargain, sell, alien enfeoff, release and confirm,
unto the said George Williamson and Miles Turpin, their
heirs and assigns for ever. The following, estate; to wit:
all his Interest in a lot of Land purchased of Colo. Richard
Adams known on Richmond Hill by No. also the following
slaves and their increase. viz. Charles about 50 years
of age, George Moore, about 36 years of age. King about 40
years of age, Tom Lockley about 50 years of age, Nelson about
45 years of age, Aaron about 43 years of age, Reuben about
30 years of age, Bob about 25 years of age, Dandriedge about
36 years of age, Frank about 30 years of age, Polly about 24
years of age, Billy Six years old, Silvey 5 years old, Henry
one year old. Also one Sorrel Horse, one Grey horse, three bay
horses, three black mules, one bay mule, five duncullared [dun colored] mules,
one wood waggon, and gear, two bricks yard waggons, one
cart, six wheelbarrows twelve brick mouls [moulds?] about Two hundred and fifty Thousands
raw common bricks, at Colo. Adams's brickyard, and about 40
Thousands stock bricks at the Canal brick yard, with the covering
of plank &c now over them, about 40 Cords of brick wood
in a pile near the said Haley's house where he now lives also
Two feather beds and furniture, two Walnut, and one Mehongany [Mahogany]
Tables, one seccatary [secretary], six chairs, one chest, two looking glasses
6 knives and forks, 6 Dishes and plates, together with two iron pots and
all other kitchen furniture, of every kind, or which he may acquire
by trade increase or purchase; property of every kind he may

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