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being security for hireing [hiring] Labours, for the prosecuting the
business aforesaid for making bricks for the said Benjamin Haley
as the aid aforesaid. The balance of the estate, to hold for
the purpose before declared. they the said George Williamson
and Miles Turpin having previously advertised the time and
place of such sale, or sales, in one of the Gazetts [Gazettes] of the
city of Richmond for thirty days, at the expence [expense] of this
trust, and the parties of the second part of this indenture
herein before specially named and such others, as may
become parties by subscribing to the Objects and vews [views] of this
indenture, do hereby for themselves and their respective
representatives, covenant and agree, with the said Benjamin
Haley, that for all sums by him volentarely [voluntarily] paid into the
hands of George Williamson and Miles Turpin, or
either of them, in trust for the use of the creditors of the said
[page towrn- illegible]
equitable and duly appeared, [illegible] his the said Benjamin
Haley's credit by them Respectively, agreeable to the amount
of claims, and the said George Williamson and
Miles Turpin for themselves and their heirs, with the privity
and consent of the parties of the second part do hereby
covenant that they will hold the estate goods and effects
hereby conveyed to the use herein declared and none other
subject to the possession, of the said Benjamin Haley and
to his imployment [employment], there of, as aforesaid, and that the said
Benjamin Haley, having paid and fully satisfyed [satisfied] all his

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