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[[struck]: Know all]] This indenture made this 16th day of March 1838 between
Thomas Green of the first part, William S Scott and Robert C Stanard of the second part, and
James Lyons, all of the City of Richmond, of third part: - Whereas the said Thomas Green is indebted to the
said James Lyons in the sum of One thousand dollars with interest at Six percent pr. [per] annum given 24th March
1837, by a promissory note of that date, also in the further sum of three thousand dollars with interest at six
percent p. [per] annum from 20 Feb. 1838, the payment of which two sums and interest the said Green is anxious
to secure -- This Indenture therefor Witnesseth, the in consideration of the premises, and of the further
sum of one dollar in hand paid to the said Thomas Green by the said William S. Scott and Robert C. Stanard, he
the said Thomas Green hath given, granted, bargained and sold, transferred set-over and assigned, and doth by
these presents give, grant, bargain and sell, transfer set over and assign under the said William S. Scott
and Robert C Stanard and the survivor, the following Negro Slaves, males & females and the future increase
of the females - viz Bob- Frederick, Richard, Beverly Henry, John, Philip, Mary Hamilton,
Elizabeth, Sally, Martha, Eleanor and her child now two years old, to have and to hold to said Scott and Stanard
and the survivor, his executors and administrators forever. In Trust nevertheless that if said Green shall
pay or cause to be paid, whenever demanded, the two sums above mentioned amounting to four thousand dollars &
the interest that may be due thereon, then this indenture to be void but in default thereof, the said William
S. Scott and Robert C Stanard and the survivor, his executors or administrators, shall upon the request in writing,
of the said James Lyons, his exers [executors], admors [administrators] or assigns, sell and dispose of, publicly or privately, in such
manner as the said Scott and Stanard - the survivor or his exers [executors] may think most judicus [judcious], the whole of the above named
slaves or so many of them as may be sufficient to pay the above mentioned debts, or so much thereof as
the said Lyons may request to be paid at the time of giving such notice - and if a part only of the
debt be required to be paid, the residue thereof remaining unpaid, such slaves as may not
be sold under and in obedience to the first notice, shall remain subject and liable for the said
residue and shall be sold thereafter whenever a like notice shall be given by said Lyons his
executors or assigns requiring a sale for the satisfaction of the residue of his debts -- And after
defraying the costs of this Trust, and satisfying the debts aforesaid out of the proceeds of sale,
the residue thereof, if any, shall be returned to said Green his executors administrators or assigns
and the said Green covenants with the said parties of the second & third part, that he has a good and perfect title to the
aforesaid slaves - excepting Frederick who is liable for a debt to Jones Green, which said debt, the said Thomas Green
contemplates paying in a few weeks. In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands & seals
this day & year first above written
Thomas Green {Seal}
James Lyons {Seal}

Virginia City of Richmond to wit:
We Edmund Bailey and Benim [Benjamin?] Cullen
Justices of the Peace in the City aforesaid do hereby certify that Thomas Green who hath executed the above deed
to Wm S Scott & Ro: [Robert] C Standard, bearing date the 16th March 1838 personally appeared before us in our city and corporation
aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed and desired us to certify the said acknowledgment
to the clerk of the Hustings court for said City, in order that said Deed may be recorded. Given under our hands & seals
this 16th day of March 1838

Edmd Bailey [{Seal}
Benim [Benjamin?] Cullen {Seal}

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