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the same to remain in his possession so long as she shall so
consent, and the said party of the second part shall not be held responsible
for any loss of or any injury to said property while in possession
of said Edward D Eacho and happening without the default or
misconduct of said party of the second part.
In testimony whereof the parties hereto have set their hands and
affixed their seals the day and year first hereinbefore written
The erasures in the 15th line 1st page, 20th line 3rd page, and in the 23rd line
3rd page were made before the execution of this Indenture.
Sarah Ann Dennis Seal
Ed [Edward] D Eacho Seal
E J Dennis
City of Richmond to wit
The L. Carrington and Edwin Farrar
justices of the peace in the City aforesaid in the state of Virginia do
hereby certify that Sarah Ann Dennis, Edward D Eacho, and Elizabeth
J Dennis Parties to a certain deed bearing date on the 6th
day of Novemr [November] 1849 and hereto annexed personally appeared before
us in our City aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be their act
and deed and desired us to certify the said acknowledgement to the
Clerk of the Court of Hustings for the City of Richmond in order that
said deed may be recorded. Given under our hands and
seals this 6th day of Novr [November] 1849
L. Carrington Seal
Edwin Farrar Seal
City of Richmond to wit:
In the Office of the Court of Hustings for the said City, the 7th
day of November 1849
This deed was presented and with the certificate thereafter written of the acknowlegement
of Sarah Ann Dennis, Edward D. Eacho and Elizabeth J. Dennis, parties thereto, admitted to
Teste, Chs [Charles] Howard, clk [clerk]

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