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To Robert Howard, Trustee for the benefit of Sarah
A. Howard, named in a deed from myself, recorded in
the Clerk's office of Richmond Hustings Court, on the 21" day
of June 1852.
I convey, transfer and deliver to you, to hold, as
one of the trustees in said deed, for the purposes therein expressed,
a mulatto boy named Henry, now about ten years of age,
which boy Henry is to be in place and stead of a mulatto
boy named Fleet, conveyed to the trustees in said deed, and
who has been sent to me to dispose of, he not being
approved of by the said Sarah A. Howard. As witness my
hand and seal, in Northumberland County, this 26th day
of October 1852.
J M Smith seal
Richmond, November 9th 1852.
I Robert Howard one of the Trustees in the above mentioned
deed, hereby acknowledge that a negro or mulatto boy named
Henry, mentioned above, has been conveyed to and received by
me, for the purposes in said deed expressed, in the place of
the boy Fleet, and said boy Henry is now in the use
posession and enjoyment of the said Sarah A. Howard, together
with the other property specified in said deed. As witness my
hand and seal.
Ro: [Robert] Howard seal

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