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Know all men by these presents, that I, Claudius Crozet of the City
of Richmond, for and in consideration of the love and affection I bear to my
daughter Claudia N Mills and to my grand daughter Adele Crozet Mills,
infant daugher of Charles S. Mills of the City of Richmond, and in further
consideration of the sum of One dollar, to me in hand paid by said Charles S.
Mills, do hereby convey, give and grant to said Charles S. Mills, my slave
girl named Evelina, aged above twelve years, and the future increase of
said slave; To have and hold in trust for the benefit and exclusive use of
my said daughter Claudia N. Mills, and, in case of her death, of my said
grand daughter the said Adele Crozet Mills; and the hires of said slave,
if she should be hired out, to be received by said Charles S Mills and held
and applied to the exclusive benefit and use of my said daughter, or of my
said grand daughter- and also the hires of any children that said slave
Evelina may have. And, in case the said slave Evelina, or any children
she may have, shall so misbehave as, in the opinion of the said Charles
S. Mills, to make it expedient and advisable to dispose of her or them,
he shall have power and is hereby directed to do so, and invest the
proceeds of sale in such manner as he may deem most advisable for the
interest of my said daughter Claudia N. Mills, or of my said grand
daughter Adele Crozet Mills: Such investment to be held in the same
way and to the same uses as the said slave Eveline and her increase
are hereby directed to be held.- And, in case the said Claudia N. Mills,
or after her death, the said Adele Crozet Mills shall at any time leave
this state to reside in a state where slavery is not permitted, the said
Charles S. Mills is hereby authorized, if he shall deem it advisable
to do so, to sell said slave Evelina and any increase she may have, and
invest the proceeds in other property to be held by him to the same uses as
are before mentioned.
Witness the following signatures and seals, this fifth day of January
Eighteen hundred and fifty-four
C. Crozet Seal
Charles S. Mills Seal

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