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City of Richmond to wit:
I, Richd D. Sanxay a Justice of the Peace for the City
aforesaid, in the State of Virginia, do certify that P.K. White
whose name as signed to the writing above, bearing the date on
the 5th day of June 1857 has acknowledge the same before
me in my City afresaid. Given under my hand, this 5th day of June 1857
Richd D. Sanxay NP

City of Richmond to wit:
In the office of Hastings for the said City
the 5th day of June 1857
This deed was presented and and with the certificate ammended
admitted to record at a quarter past two o'clock PM
Ro. Howard, clk

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There is a section of this pre-printed form that contains no names, dates or other information. I did not know whether to transcribe it.