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to the highest bidder all the said negro
slaves or so many of them, as maybe
sufficient to pay the expenses of recording &
executing this [illegible] and whatever [illegible]
with interest, may then remain due and
unpaid tot he said [illegible] James [illegible] -
But if the said John H. Montague
shall well & truly pay each and all of the
before mentioned negotiable notes as they
respectualy became due, so that no
default occur in the payment if any of
them, then this Indenture shall be void
and of no effect but otherwise shall
remain in full force and [illegible]
In Testimony whereof we the
parties to this Indenture have affixed
our hands and sals the date before
written, Court, this 8 day July 1844 -
J. H. Montague (seal)
[illegible] L. James (seal)
Alex K. Parker (seal)
[illegible] James [illegible] (seal)

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